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Bags of jeans with his hands

One naglyadnyhprevrascheny - sewing bags out of old jeans unnecessary.Indeed, verhdzhinsov, we can say, ready bag.Ostaetsyapri help of simple manipulation and sleight of hand to make yourself novuyuroskoshnuyu thing.And these bags do completely different and absolyutnoraznyh purposes.Want to make a bag dlyasvoego computer.Most go to the beach - do beach.And if prilozhitmaksimum effort and patience, it is possible to make beautiful handbags, which will not be anybody around.How to carry out this venture?Davayteuznaet from the article.

Laptop bag

If we approach the creative process, and get yourself a bag, better student version of it, the result may turn out better than pokupnogo.Pervoe thing to do - to take old jeans - if not, to take fromgirlfriend, wash them and pat.Zatemvyvernut inside and gently spread out on a table.Now carefully otrezatdve legs and lower part of the top of the jeans.Should get a denim korotkayayubka.Then you need to sweep the bottom of the skirt around.Rounding worth doin

g ponizhnim extreme angles.And then just line prolozhitpo resulting thick line using the sewing machine and remove obrazovavshiysyameshok.

next step - cut side of the longitudinal seams dvuhshtanin.This should be done in a place where the fabric is stitched jeans lapped, forming stripes.They will handle bag.In areas closer to the sides under the belt, sdelatchetyre holes for handles.Their width greater than the width of the stripes improperly.Then thread the outside of the pen in dvaotverstiya at the ends and tie a strong inside thick nodes to handle nerazvyazalis.Likewise necessary to make the second handle.All.Dlyavashego laptop bag ready!It remains only to apply it in practice.

Bag dlinnoyruchkoy

From jeans that once served you faithfully, true, you can make an elegant fashion handbag for their own tseley.Nachinaem with the simple - cut the legs from the jeans, wash them and then iron.Now you need to rasporotvnutrennie leg joints and their ironed while incorporating rezhimotparivaniya.You should have dvezagotovki to follow the pattern.The width of the future bag and its length handles budetzaviset matter what the size of the blanks.Now you need to sdelatchertezh 2 single cut parts bag: the first part - the outer side of the bag, as well as part of the handle.The second part - the remainder of the handle and the inside.

Pattern should resemble a semi-circular bottom pocket.Verhniyugol pocket and pulled out a pen made from it - a belt, or rather half of it.Teperneobhodimo transfer the pattern on the fabric and cut out her two identical parts.This udetaley handles are from different sides - one on the right, the other - on the left.Daleeudelim attention to the lower parts of the details.Nanih add up to 2 darts to vashamodnaya bag does not get a flat.Stitched by them on the sewing machine.After etogodve items must be folded inside and scribbling krepkiminitkami until handles.Then, turn and bend the edge stitch.Poslechego connect handles and carefully sew it vershiny.Na your bag ready with a long handle.

If you want to give the bag a mischievous look, you can make parts of the outer side edge iraspushit handles and seams.You can decorate pen or leather piping zastezhkamimolnii.You can give your bag a unique look with the help of embroidery or applikatsiy.Mozhno decorate the bag pieces of cloth, leather, drape ribbons and drugimimaterialami.

Denim handbag dlyadetey

Even young ladies can indulge samodelnymisumkami of old jeans.To sew a handbag and it boasts peredpodruzhkami, need not so much jeans as their pockets.Handbag pridetsyashit in several stages.

Cut the back pockets, right next to them with a cloth.In itogedlina should get about half a centimeter on both sides.Vnutrioboih pockets cut the fabric near the seam and leave pyatimillimetrovyepripuski.

Decorate pockets applique or embroidery imennoseychas different, because you will be hard to do it on the finished bag.If vyhotite to have in your bag pockets, namely the front and zadneystorony, it will have to do the same at this point.

now required to lay down both pockets inside, sour cream or staple ihbulavkami, and then insert the belt in the upper corners of the bag and sew side and kraeshkisumki, thus paving the seam exactly at the spot where lay the seam from byvshihkarmanov.

bolstered seats at the upper hole in the bag pomoschineskolkih neat stitches.This can be done on a typewriter, and is better to give preference vruchnuyu.Odnako manual line as sewing mashinkamozhet simply do not ask for these places.

Now we need to make the fringe of tissue that acts otshvov where she remained on the side and bottom seams of a handbag.

As you can see, old jeans did not lay idle, oniprosto waiting in the wings.Make a bag of them turned out to be quite easy.You can use any place for vykroykiabsolyutno jeans, though leg, although the upper part or even odnikarmany.In addition, you can sew colored rags from which potomsmasterite patchwork fabric, and only potomdelat templates parts of the bag.