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Types crochet

Knitting short hook

The most common type is knitting a short hook.

This kind of knitting may be circular and flat.Circular knitting kind used in the manufacture of circular shape, which have no seams.Flat knitting method involves a short hook in which vyvyazyvayut loop back and forth, while at the end of a series of turns and loops vyvyazyvayut rotation.During crochet hook must be short thumb and forefinger to hold the string on his left hand, resting on the middle finger.Threads should throw the hook, which is threaded into a free loop, and pulled through it.

distinguish these types of loop - crochet this air loop polustolbikom, with nakida column, a column without nakida.Application

short hook allows you to create dense, convex patterns, as well as thin and delicate.A characteristic feature of knitting a short hook is the speed of the process.

Short crochet knit scarves, sweaters, skirts, perform finishing products - collars, cuffs.Knit short hook is used to create a variety of ornaments.

Knit short hook can not only experienced skilled workers, but also those who are just learning to crochet.Patience, you can easily master this kind of needlework.Learn the techniques of knitting, showing a bit of creativity, every woman can own hands to create unique things knitted.

Beginners needlewomen need to buy a hook and thread.With a little effort, you can quickly master the technique of crochet.

Tunisian crochet

Since time immemorial, used a long hook for manual knitting.

It's quite an interesting way, which is also called the knitting "in the set" or Tunisian.

Cloth, bound by such pattern is durable, it does not change its shape and does not stretch.For knitting crochet uses long thick and tight skin.Long hook often knitted sweaters, dresses.Loop gain over the entire length of the product or individual parts, which are then sutured.

long hook is also called needles, knitting since it is held in the hand like a needle.

thread when the Tunisian knitting stretch should not be, as it is difficult to set the loops in the following series.

Knitting long hook differs from the usual binding that holds only one front.Knitting "in the set of" so called because the base pattern is a string of aerial loops, which fit across the width of the product, followed by her pigtails are gaining on the hook for all the loops at once.

Knitting Tunisian crochet is used for production of several kinds of colored thread.

Irish lace

Especially popular in the early twentieth century enjoyed the Irish lace.

It is also called "renaissance".For the first time this kind of knitting has appeared in France in the XVI century.In the future, the Irish lace became popular in England and Ireland.It's pretty hard work, which requires a lot of perseverance and patience, it is characterized by its originality and subtlety, and finished products look very impressive.

Irish lace is distinguished by its beauty and complexity of execution.It can rightly be called a skillful and masterly craft.

set lace technique is of great importance in achieving the desired result.The number of Irish lace craftswomen mesh fit on the plane.Unusual knitting requires certain skills.

Irish knitting elements are used in the form of overhead decorations, appliqués on fabric or knitted products.

If you are tired of the monotony of your wardrobe, grab a hook, thread, knitting and possess the skills and create for themselves a unique and unique in its kind thing gladly will wear to a party or for a walk with her friends.

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