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How to tie takes the spokes

Assign takes spoke in several ways.For example, his knit on five needles, one begins with the rim, someone from the crown.Some umelitsy prefer to knit in the transverse direction, while others use a scheme of cross-knit wedges.

most popular methods of knitting berets are discussed in this article.

Method 1

this way takes a tally from the top down.First you need to dial seven loops, given the edge, and knit them according to the scheme:

first series tally - one nakida one loop to the front end of the series;

second row (and subsequently all the even rows) - nakida provyazyvayutsya crossed loops without creating openwork.

third row - as well as the first.

then all the loops are divided into 6 wedges, the border between them should be noted the red thread.To extend the wedge during subsequent knitting is done by one nakida on both sides of the red thread loops marked as follows: After 1 series - 3 times and every 3 rows - 6 times.It is important that this bedplate always been flat beret.Once the

bottom of the radius of the beret will be the right length, provyazyvaetsya 3-4 cm without of increases.Then, the decrease of 4 admission to a number of loops formed, equal to the circumference of the head, and then 5 cm provyazyvaetsya band.

Method 2

Another common way of knitting a beret is binding on the needles corresponding to the number of wedges.

So, needles are selected according to the number of future wedges, for example, 5 or 7. The dialed number of loops required for the calculation, and the circle fit elastic hem and front embroidery.Then fit about 8 cm liked pattern and takes the shape to make the additions are made.Then another 6 cm tally without additions and then proceed to vyvyazyvaniyu bottoms with decrease in three steps.The remaining loop thread tightened and secured.

Method 3

for proper calculation should tie looped sample, determine the dimensions and calculate the density of knitting:

  1. 1 - head circumference minus 1-2 cm - thus calculated the number of loops to start knitting the beret.
  2. 2 - circumference beret.It depends on what takes the volume you want to connect - a calculation of the maximum number of loops.
  3. 3 - radius of the circle, which is calculated from the circumference (2) using the formula: (3) = (2) / 6.28, where 6.28 - a 2 * pi.
  4. 4 - value corresponds to the difference between the radius of the circle (1 and 2).Calculating the radius of the circle along the circumference (1) is similar.

Calculations are made in centimeters and then translated into the ranks of the loop and in accordance with the density.

believed that it is more convenient to knit beret on two needles, but some like it and a circle.First recruited to the size of the loops (1), then the rubber band or garter strap provyazyvaetsya jacquard stripe of 2-3 cm.

Next, the number of rows should be divided into three roughly equal parts.The first portion of knitting loops uniformly added number equal to the difference of two sizes - (1) and (2).It should allow the loop on every second or every fourth row.Avoid holes in the fabric can be added if the loop as shown.

second part fit exactly, the series it should be less than in the first.The top of the beret - the last part - is divided into 6 equal parts.That is, if the spokes 120 loops, it is divided by 6 and provyazyvayutsya together loops 1 and 2, 21 and 22, 41 and 42 and thus to 101 and 102. No backing decrease tally number.

Next row: the loop, knit in the previous row of the two fit together the following.The number of loops will diminish unchanged, and the total number of loops is constantly decreasing.When the loops will be less than half, subtract 12 loops, and the top is flat.Last 6 loops have to pull a thread, sew the seam, takes wet and allow to dry on a flat surface.

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