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Knitted dresses Knitting

  • To do this you will need:
  • circular needles No. 2,
  • 100 grams of a different color yarn for the bands,
  • 900 grams of yarn main color of medium thickness.

knit dress from the collar.Dial the required number of loops and double elastic knit 6 cm. Dovyazhem to the desired height of the collar, knit together loops of the back and facial series, jumper knitting in a circle and move on to stocking st.

divide the number by 4 loops and outline future lines for the addition of loops.We add the loop from the collar 2 in each line loop.To line the addition of loops nicely looked advance outline of a different color thread and knit so.When he reached the place where the node is still up 2 sts, knit the wrong loop, do the opposite nakida and knit the front loop.On the other side of the node starting from the front loop, then knit reverse nakida one seamy loop and then to the other line and knit facial loops.In even-numbered rows all nakida provyazyvaem purl loops.By linking 20 cm, begin to knit stripes taste.

Dovyazhem to the line armholes, we find centers of wedges, each wedge count the number of loops.Divide the wedge into three parts.One part will go on the sleeve, two will go to the back or front part.Hinges wedges, which will go to the sleeves, take off for an extra thread.We continue to knit back and shelf on the circle, do not add the loop to the waist.

knit stocking st on the waist line, and kazhdom10 th row we add at regular intervals for 10 loops.Dovyazhem to the desired length, but shorter than 20 cm, it is in this case corresponds to the length of the rear and front wedges, and diminish the central line of the loop.Then provyazyvaem in the personal series of two loops along the front loop one.In the sidelines adds nothing and does not diminish.Align and knit another 4 rows facial loops.We align and uniformly diminish number of loops, knit together every 10 loop.Associate five laps on the image, then again subtract loop.Knit a few rows to the desired length and close the loop.

associate sleeve.Knit to elbow his wedge, while not diminish and do not add the loop.From elbow subtract loop knit two loops together, every 5 sts.Then knit stocking st to the gum line.Then subtract the loop on the midline, as did knitting back and shelves.Aligning the bottom of the sleeves, knit stocking st and 3 rows bind cuff elastic 1x1.Just associate a second sleeve.In a circular hosiery knitting needles fit only facial loop and purl row in the personal series.

Useful tips

collar decorate decorative brooch or a chain.Or make it a button, then dial from the neck on each side of the 8 loops more and make a loop.

Across the board has strip, they will look good.

This dress can be made on a knitting machine.

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