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How to tie a toy hook

To get started, you need to have all the necessary materials.So, you will need: a needle, hook, beads, thread and filler.When the cook everything you need, you can start to work.Threads can take any color, but if you want to score it fluffy and soft, choose the appropriate material textures.

Knit starts with the head bears.First you need to collect two air loops and close them in a circle.At the same time knit 6 through the second account of the air loop.It is important to make 6 of increases in the following order to obtain 12 loops.

new range without the need to knit nakida columns.Continue to do gain after the first, the second and the rest of the loop, including the 42 th.Next, knit 3-4 rows unchanged and subtraction.Before you finish mating, tamp head filler products, and 6 loops pull the thread and fasten.

If you were aiming to tie the bear right hook, then the body is necessary for him to knit in the same manner as the head, but the maximum number of loops should be no more than twenty-four an

d packing must be done before you start to pull the loop.

legs bear as the handle, it is necessary to knit so as to be proportional with respect to the body, but is slightly longer in shape.First the increase, after which they are knitted without any changes.When you complete them - make sure to decrease.The filler is best to fill the limbs separately.

Just before the start of knitting is best to think the way you complete your muzzle bear and what you want to wear it.

There are many design options.Bound muzzle you can matted.Very nice look eyes bear embroidered with the help of thread floss.Also, as the eye can be glued or sewn any beads.

Nose toy can and sew, but if you're knitting a large bear, the easiest option is to tie him up, such as the addition of two iris - in which case it will more accurate, and you will avoid problems with the sewing, to save time.The shape of the nose may be different - from oval to triangular or semicircular.

However, the process of knitting - only half the battle.It should in fact also raise the cub.Please fasten the ears - they are unfilled, so I just sewed.After this pin is attached muzzle and then sewn over the front of the loop.Previously it should be lightly fill filler.

then need a way you are building a muzzle - and apply the mount beads, eyes so that they are slightly above the protruding part of the head and on the sides of the triangular spout.The needle is discharged through an opening behind the head toys and left a long tail, tie a knot at its end.Even strung beads and threading it into the same part, then contractible, so that the eye does not move, consolidate and cut off the rest of the thread.The same is done for the second eye.Eyes should be fixed separately, so that if you do not like it - it was possible to convert them one by one.

After that usually sewn mouth and eyebrows, so that faces toys you get the right expression.

deserves special attention, such as the nose piece faces.Unusual, bright and large nose, the right to match the rest of the muzzle, the bear can make very interesting.

The last thing the body is sewn to the head, after that - the handle, and the latest - the legs.You can use a thread or a special attachment that allows the finished toy to make certain movements.

So as you can see, you can tie the toy itself, and this is not difficult.

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