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Bracelet with their hands

Many people think that creating accessories with their own hands - this job is difficult and unsustainable.Of course, this opinion is erroneous.In fact, one has only to start and you will realize that to do something with their own hands is not difficult.But in order to, for example, to weave bracelets with their hands, you need to have patience and enough materials.

choice of materials

Many make the mistake of starting to create something with their own hands.And this mistake is that they try to make beautiful decorations from scrap materials.This is unrealistic.You will not be able to make a bracelet like the picture, if you do not use this same beads, beads and other details.Fortunately, there is a shop where you can buy everything you need.Therefore, deciding to make some sort of bracelet, go there and get everything you need.And just making sure that the material is sufficient, get to work.

Choose your style

By the way, before we get to the manufacture of jewelry with their own hands, dec

ide which ones of the materials you intend to weave bracelets.The fact that there are a variety of options: beads, thread, ribbons, leather laces and more.Actually, bracelets can be made from paper and even test.The main thing to decide what will be your decorating style, and building on this, the selection of materials.For example, those who consider themselves hippies at heart, fit bracelets of thread and bright multi-colored beads.But those who love the elegant decorations, better to take the pearls, small beads, the elements of iron, made in gold and silver.But for those who choose the more aggressive bracelets, leather laces and suitable rivets.

Once the material is selected, you can start braiding.If you have never done bracelets, we recommend to start with something easier to "get the hand."Of course, you can try to make a bracelet on a complex scheme, but be prepared for the fact that you do not immediately succeed.But if you learn a little bit, you can weave a complex bracelet in just a half day.


order for your bracelet is a beautiful and neat, it is important to prepare a comfortable place to work.For example, for those who are engaged in weaving of thread, can be very comfortable frame.It can be specially made of wood or make from scrap materials.This frame can be leaning against any vertical surface, pull the thread through it, which will be attached work and thus save yourself from problems with the lack of tension, and the like.

Fenichka from threads

If we talk about concrete ways of weaving, but now we'll tell you how to weave Baubles of thread.This is a very simple weave, but it looks nice and original.For weaving the thread take the necessary colors.The number of strands will depend on the width of the bracelet.Length - about one meter.Then tie all the threads in a bundle, takes the extreme left and ties her twice on the string to the right of it.Then move to the next thread and then tie a knot in it two.So you have to go through all the threads to become the leftmost extreme right.Then you ASSUME following the leftmost and are doing the same thing.The procedure must be repeated until the bracelet is not the right length.Then tie a knot in the thread, and your bracelet is ready.With such Baubles you will always look bright and original.

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