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How to sew a sling with their hands?

scarf sling svoimirukami

Craft sling is not difficult - for this purpose you need a soft cloth and podgotovitplotnuyu right color thread and a sewing machine.

Before you get started, you need to consider some kakiemomenty associated with the choice of fabrics.Strong trailing jersey mozhnoispolzovat only for babies.For slightly older children should shitslingi fabric that does not stretch or stretches neznachitelno.Tkan should be dense enough to easily sprang up a strong unit, and only on how strong is this node, depending bezopasnostvashego baby.It is desirable that the fabric was natural - it can be wool cotton.If material still runs, you need to follow zaravnomernoy stretch yarns and down.

First we need to cut a piece of cloth intended for the manufacture of the sling.Depending on the elasticity of vymeryaemshirinu cut: stretching texture - from 45 to 55 cm, less elastic - ot60 70 sm.Dlina sling is determined by the size of mother - to 44 the size of the cloth sling dolzhnabyt in length fr

om about 4 to 4.5 meters, bigger momshave to use the fabric slightly larger - 5.5 ot4,5 metrov.Vykroyka should be in the form of a rectangle, the ends of which it is necessary to round, bevel and narrow.While shaping the ends of a bar aesthetic, non-playing an essential role.

flap is cut, now we have to treat it the edge.For etogopodvorachivaem entire length and width of a cut and sewn material can be used to mashinke.Zdes and serger, but it will be less practical manner vedobrabotanny edge, clinging to clothes or bags, bystroobmahritsya.There are tissues that, it would seem, do not need treatment, it is desirable to odnakoi hem around the edges for greater strength.After prodelannoyraboty to sling you can sew a pocket or any bright finish - blagodaryaetomu you do not have to spend much time looking middle.


Sling scarf you have already learned to sew.Now poprobuyteizgotovit its more advanced model - a two-way sling in kotoryydobavlen new element - ring.This type of sling is convenient because it mozhnonadevat as winter clothes, and under it.This sling allows you to stay in any position nemrebenkau.He podoydetmamochkam different complexion.

To make it, you need to prepare the following: 2 shtukimetallicheskih rings, the inner diameter of which corresponds to about 6-7 cm, double-sided fabric, width 80 cm, length - 2 cm M40.

As before, choose notstrong stretch fabric.Aesli she still runs, it is allowed only in relation to the width.Dlinyeto should not touch.For tailoring the model can be used not ochentolstuyu tissue type dzhinsovki, velvet, double fleece.Generally tkanmozhet be any, but be sure to double-sided.Thus, your slingahvost will be free and fluff.

start, again, with the edging material (folded the typewritten or overcast in the overlock).One of the tissue is necessary to pass a kraevobrabotannoy in the ring (right in both), and then wrap Thus disease to both rings are on the edge.The pre zavernutyykray impose to the main canvas and sew.The line should bytzigzagoobraznaya or straight in three rows of lines resembling a semi-circle.Well, Sling with rings own production ready.

more complicated modelslinga (May-sling)

Unlike the first two, this model is a bit more complicated odnakoi convenient.It is called May-sling, and is somewhat similar to the apron.Seat vnego child, lift up the bottom of the apron, and the straps cross behind mom fixed ahead.So sling length is 35 to 45 cm, having dvuhmetrovyeverhnie strap (width about 9 cm), waist strap (8 160 cm) require vassleduyuschih preparations.

  • fabric whose length is 2 m 10 cm
  • sintepon width 1.5 m 16 cm
  • Sewing machine

First you need to cut out 2 webs 48 and 38 cm with 1.5 santimetrovympripuskom to hem on each side.Next, cut out of the top two straps must comply with the size of each 21 cm at 1 m 11.5 sms allowance into account.Next in line lap - its width is 19 to 163 cm and 1.5 cm, plus seam allowance.Dvevstavki 8 140 smvykraivaem of syntepon.Sew.

first item lap folded in half along the length iproshivaem edge.A pipe, which must be turned and ironed.Supernova straps We perform the same operation.Then insert the upper-padding polyester straps, combining the edges and ends of the straps.At a distance of 15 cm to stitch straight lines ilizigzagoobraznymi in several rows for strength.Straps, edge kotoryhne processed stitched by pre-tucked.Edges with sinteponovoyprokladkoy left open.Between folded right sides in the upper corners detalyamislinga insert the strap so that the center of kontsypereseklis with synthetic padding.All parts are held together with pins and sew along the edge nezabyvaya while that line is necessary to start from the middle of one of the side storon.Proshivaem upwards, and then sewn to the middle of the second bokovushku.Posle this by removing the pins, it is necessary to unscrew the sling and to iron.

Getting Adjusting the upper straps.Dlyaetogo fastening them with pins.Lap, which is threaded on the bottom of the sling, also countersigned.Tucked under the lower edges of the waist strap back ivystrachivaem have all the sling completely around the perimeter.The last line should bytprolozhena seven cm from the bottom of the sling, capturing at this waist strap pokrayu.It does not interfere at fixing lines to make several rows dopolnitelno.Sling ready.