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What drinks should not drink in the heat?

drinks that you should not drink in the heat

Lemonade .It is not recommended to drink lemonade, which soderzhitsyasahar.After all, it only increases the feeling of thirst.The purchase lemonade soderzhitsyasutochnaya rate of sugar.So forget about the "store" soda.Better vsegoprigotovte lemonade at home and without sugar.Lemonade bottles very vrednyyi only add to your thirst.

Beer .And not only beer, but in general alcohol letomprotivopokazan.You can not even imagine what's worse beer - alcohol or calories?Spetsialistyzaveryayut that the heat is not recommended to drink more than two bottles of beer.On pivevasha waist will grow by leaps and bounds.So lovers of beer porazadumatsya that perhaps it is time to replace the drink to another.Very chastomozhno see people who decide to quench their thirst is this drink.But, in fact, they only hurt their health.

Kvass .Many think why kvass included in this spisoknezhelatelnyh drinks.Kvass has a thirst quenching effect.It prekrasnoesredstvo to que

nch your thirst.It contains carbon dioxide, which pozvolyaetnasytitsya.According to doctors, kvass can be regarded as an antidepressant.Etointeresny fact.So many positive reviews can be heard in favor kvasa.Tak why it is not necessary to drink in the heat?Now very few who do kvass in domashnihusloviyah.And so everyone buys bottled the drink.On the shelves supermarketovmozhno see many varieties of kvass.Modern industry prevratilaetot healthful and tasty drink in the usual lemonade.It is different and taste itsvetom from the present.It does not have anything useful, it's the same thing that you kupitekolu.So do not be lazy and make this home a tasty and healthy drink that can save you from the heat.

Compote .Now all boiled compote to quench your thirst.It konechnovkusny and good drink.But there is one "but."It has sugar, which is not daetutolit thirst.Few cooks compote without sugar.Because of this, our body feels bad enough of this fluid.Therefore it is best to do natural sokibez pulp during the heat.

Carbonated drinks .During the summer period (and not only) forget about carbonated beverages.In them a lot of preservatives, sugar ivrednyh substances.You will not only destroy the enamel on your teeth, but they razedayutvam stomach.If you think that they will quench your thirst, you're wrong.After napitkavasha craving will only increase.Therefore, do not buy them at all.

What will save us from the heat?

Mineral water - just a panacea for the heat.It otlichnoesredstvo that will help you in those days.A good tool is considered goryachiychay.Yes, it is hot, do not you thought!It is best if it is green.

well quench thirst juices.To do this you podoydetvishnevy, tomato, grapefruit, prune juice.Do not forget about the ordinary water.Etosamy widespread and affordable drink.Water quenches thirst.Bespoleznav struggle with the heat - ice water.It is best to add cool water dolkulimona and enjoy a drink.

Now you know what is izbegatvo drinks during the heat, and will be able to help themselves.Importantly do not drink beverages with soderzhaniemsahara.We wish you a wonderful summer!

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