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Errors in the diet and how they threaten

errors in nutrition
  • We eat uncontrolled, hastily and irregularly.Instead, five-time power use three times;
  • Our diet is too ample.According to nutritionists, we consume food 15% more than we need;
  • we use little natural foods, especially fruits and vegetables.We do not get enough of many vitamins, minerals, fiber.At the same time, we consume a lot of flour and canned goods, semi-finished products;
  • in our food too much fat;
  • We eat a lot of sweets;
  • We drink enough clean water, replacing it with excessive amounts of sweet, carbonated water with dyes or alcohol.
  • choosing their own food, we do not commensurate their age.Thus, the power of older people is often in their excessive caloric, and in its qualitative composition defective.Many children, especially those younger than 10 years receive 5-10% more calories than they need;
  • Our knowledge about the proper healthy diet too modest;
  • We often kusochnichaem and arrange snacks, we eat cold food;
  • Food is often prepared and stored properly;We are too
  • misuse salt, fried and frying fat.
What threatens errors in nutrition?
Such errors in the diet are the cause of many diseases: obesity, arthritis, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, gall and kidney stones, metabolic disorders, digestive diseases, varicose veins, a tendency to thromboembolism, formation of hernias, heart failure, infectious, cancer and other diseases.

As a result, significantly reduced the duration of our lives.So, at 10% of men above the threshold weight is reduced it by 13%, with 20 - 25%, with 30 - 42%, and for women respectively, 9, 21 and 30%.

"All unnecessary harm" - says the old adage.It is especially worth remembering those who overeat and are prone to obesity.

much already from early childhood to suffer from excessive diligence beloved mother, who seeks to push us in the mouth a little more and that in its better understanding.Not surprisingly, because of the excess and malnutrition children often have metabolic disorders, one manifestation of which is overweight.The child looks as if flowering, but laboratory tests indicate that he has abnormalities in metabolism that over time is complicated by a number of diseases (obesity, diabetes, early atherosclerosis, premature aging, deformation of joints and so on. N.).

Look to the children, fed gruel, biscuits, buns, rice, pasta and other products are not the most helpful and all this in addition further sweeten.They are thick, puffy, sluggish.So do not aspire to the rich calorie table, he often does more harm than good, and is always expensive.Try rather to a more healthy, nutrition.

Obesity - one of the most frequent diseases of the past decades.She is one of the main factors for coronary heart disease.In addition to obesity, atherosclerosis and diabetes are also today among the most common metabolic disorders.Their prevention can help in many ways properly organized power.

impossible not to mention the fact that we can not have, for example, in a hurry, enough to chew food, and so on. N.

established that bad chewed a third may decrease the digestibility of incoming materials.And we, unfortunately, very often sin in this regard.The reasons are different: sometimes there is a time and we have not chewed properly, quickly swallow your lunch or distracted by talking and then again chew enough, because not to stop talking, we should, will or not will quickly swallow a piece by piece.And then we wonder why heaviness in the stomach and rumbling in the stomach, so the aches in the right upper quadrant, and so on. N.

A culinary arts?How much joy and also harm it brings to us!This science is too often prescribed to do absurd.With this, at least, it could be tolerated, if not observed adverse effects to the human body.For example, it is well known how much damage can bring salt, especially in the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidney.Or, say, this method of preparation, as frying.Much too much we do quite recklessly, to the detriment of their own health and for the sake of appetite (in the culinary arts has reached perfection).How easily we are depriving the products of their natural properties, even if it is not necessary.

course to take, and at one point it is impossible to change your diet, but it is necessary to strive for it.

Naturally, you will have breakdowns.Well, for example, want a couple of hefty slices of cake.However, eating them, telling myself mentally that absorb a ton of calories, spoil your teeth, their overload yourself pancreas, accelerates the appearance of atherosclerosis.Then the next time you feel cake is not so tempting and tasty.

Most of us eat too much fat, powdery, sweet.The consequence of this power is either the development of obesity in those who are predisposed to obesity, or the appearance of various unpleasant events in the form of bloating, pain in the intestines caused by fermentation, which is exposed in the stomach and intestines undigested carbohydrate food surplus and food adopted inunfavorable combinations.

Moderation in food - very rare.Many people eat more than you need.One can not but be appalled at what, at times, excessive weight of the food we introduce in our stomach, forcing him to perform an impossible job.Excess eaten inhibits motor ability of the stomach and digestion is delayed for a long time, bad food mixed with gastric juice, digestive lump digested only of peripheral layers, and its center is a long time not even heated up to the temperature of the surrounding tissues.

Thus, excess food is threatened not only obesity and the resulting illnesses but also leads to strain on the digestive system, which can not cope with the load falling on them.As a result, the body of a man fills slags, there is a bad odor and taste in the mouth, reducing its performance, deteriorating health, and eventually develop the disease and appropriate.

therefore observe moderation in eating and sobriety.This will help you gain a good complexion, lively, cheerful look, a feeling of lightness and indestructible health.

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