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Where to find vitamins in the winter?

So what foods should be consumed in winter chtobychuvstvovat doing well?Today let's talk about the most relevant products in zimneevremya.Thanks to them, people will feel full of energy.

Vitamin D .In winter, a man sorely hvataetsolntsa.And so you need to get vitamin D from food.This is not a problem, the main thing not to forget to replenish your body.Vitamin D is found vyaytsah, eggs, butter, milk, fish, cod liver oil, cheese.If upotreblyatezhednevno products from this list, then it will improve the immune system, improve tsvetkozhi and normalizes blood pressure.

Sauerkraut .Dannoeblyudo - a product of fermentation, as well as yogurt and wine.This cabbage is much polezneyobychnoy or stewed.The cabbage all useful vitamins.It sostavvhodyat vitamins B, C, K and trace elements (potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, sulfur, copper, zinc, boron, silicon).During a fermentation product obogaschaetsyaesche and organic acids, they are necessary to better work the gastrointestinal tract.

Potatoes .This one product, which should not be nalegatv winter.If you have young kartoshkeesche nutrients, some of this other than starch, the body does not recieve anything.Therefore, limit your diet and cross out the potatoes for the winter.It vozmozhnozamenit potatoes on a nice vegetables.Bake in the oven goodies inaslazhdaytes them, the more there is to buy frozen vegetables in the supermarket.Deficit in vegetables in the winter there.

Frozen berries .And what about the berries, things are different.Zamorozhennayavishnya, currants, strawberries - excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.Onisohranyayut the usefulness even in the freezer.So feel free to mozhnorazmorazhivat berries and add them to yogurt.You can make a delicious and poleznyesmuzi, protein shakes and other cool drinks.You can cook dazhenemnogo compote.Here, as will prompt a fantasy.

Salinity .Home zagotovochki as marinades, compotes, jams and pickles are very poor on vitamins.Therefore, it is not necessary to use them.Of course, they are delicious and seem so necessary, but in fact from them tolkunikakogo.Serve these dishes to fill the stomach.So do not uvlekatsyasolenem better chew a carrot.

Fruits and vegetables .WORLD zdravoohraneniyarekomenduet day eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, kazhdayaportsiya 100 grams.In winter, do not deprive yourself of fruits and vegetables.It is clear that the greenhouse will yield soil products poleznyhveschestv content, but that is no reason to give them up.The more varied will ratsionpitaniya better health and working bodies.

Greens .There is no difference in what form to use herbs, onamozhet be as fresh and dry.In dry preserved all essential micronutrients Maslaiev.So do not forget to add all the dishes dry herbs ivospolnyat body with vitamins.

Cranberry .Who would have thought, but in winter is very useful budetupotreblyat cranberries.It contains a huge amount of vitamin C and PP redkogovitamina.He then promotes the absorption of ascorbic acid.Therefore, the best source of vitamin zimoysamym is just cranberries.She sposobstvuetuvelicheniyu human immunity, in this case it simply has no equal.In sostavyagody includes iron, boron, iodine, magnesium, brown, silver and manganese.Cranberry slavitsyasvoimi antioxidant properties.A cranberry juice is able to remove toxins, toxins and heavy metals from the human body.

Exotic fruits .Many people are afraid poprobovatekzoticheskie fruit, fearing harm to his stomach.But honestly, tokartofel can also be considered an exotic vegetable.After it was brought in the 17th century, as well as papaya and mango.So perhaps you should limit yourself?Worth obratitvnimanie on kiwi, it's just an excellent source of ascorbic acid, where it dazhebolshe than cranberries.But Avocado - a valuable product with a lot of nenasyschennyhzhirnyh acids.Bananas are rich in potassium, so they are useful for vessels iserdtsa.

It should realize that winter is different from summer food.Organizmunuzhno even more energy to the body to provide the desired temperature.

Meat .In winter, we need a full meal.And myasoobespechit necessary amount of protein and fat animals.Best of all zapekatili stew meat.Eat recommended chicken or beef.Nutritionists zapreschayutkushat roasts.After him more harm than good.

Tea .A delicious green tea will help to quickly warm the body poslemorozov.But the best way to brew yourself mint tea, rosehips and honey.A pryanostiotlichno affect blood circulation and improve the mood.Green tea - a natural antioxidant.In very cold vecheramozhno afford to drink mulled wine.

Dairy .Bifidobacteria ilaktobakterii body needs that are involved in digestion.They can be obtained by eating fermented baked milk, yogurt, and yogurt.Nutritionists warn that it is not necessary to lean on sladkietvorozhki and desserts, they will lay on their sides.Lotion will provide you with calcium hiccup.

Dried .Nuts and dried fruits can help podderzhivatvitaminny balance.This is an additional source of energy.And the most prekrasnayanovost is that these products will not affect the waist.Kushaytekeshyu, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, apricots and raisins.They have a lot of iodine, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.

Kashi .In them there is a lot of vitamins.For example, buckwheat much iron and other trace elements.If you eat oatmeal nazavtrak, it will feel to a hearty lunch and will not be tempted sestpirozhnoe.Figure displays the toxins.

Winter diet and not as lean as it seems.Therefore stoitprosto little to show imagination and broaden horizons.Bon Appetit!

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