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Myths and misconceptions about tea

Myths, misconceptions about tea

Myth - is only the highest quality tea that sobranvruchnuyu.

But in fact, this view is not entirely true.Samayaprodvinutaya country Japan (in technical terms) has invented the car for a long time (special) for harvesting tea leaves.This machine is also lovingly, carefully collects chaynyylist as people.But for the South Asia region, where human labor tsenitsyadostatochno cheap, much more profitable to use when cleaning tea manual labor.

Myth - should be used for welding only farforovyychaynik.

for red and green and teas actually farforovayaposuda more appropriate.But for the other varieties of the drink suitable iglinyanaya and glassware.Do not use only metallicheskiezavarnye kettles as they are oxidized during brewing and spoil the taste of the tea.

myth - the most valuable is the one tea that vyraschenvysoko in the mountains.

And indeed it is.There is a growing mountain tea bush znachitelnomedlennee than, for example, in the valley.The wet fog a

nd fresh air allow rasteniyunakopit much more valuable substances.But because of the rather low temperatures vzimnee time manages to take off season only two crops, and naiboleenizkoy area and four to six harvests per year.This is prichinevysokogorny leaf tea in the world market is much more expensive.

Myth - leaves of green and black tea gather to razlichnyhchaynyh bushes.

This is the most common misconception.After vdeystvitelnosti and green, and white, and black and red teas odnogokustarnika receive.A selection of teas and their taste changed his pripomoschi special drying, fermentation and podvyalivaniya.

Myth - tea bags is a very poor quality.

It really is in most cases considered pravdoy.Kompanii that produce elitnyesorta tea, it will never be split up and sold increasingly pressed plitkami.Poluchaetsya tea bags from the "waste" production - a crumb lomanyekusochki and tea dust.

Myth - for brewing tea should always be used krutoykipyatok.

And it is not true.After all, in fact, than fermentirovanchay less is brewing it needs lower temperatures.For example, for chayachernogo be enough water temperature of 90 degrees, and for the green - v70-75 degrees.

Myth - packaging affects the quality of tea.

In fact, tea is able to absorb quite active vsezapahi close products.For this reason, a special role igraetupakovka this product.For expensive varieties are used in the majority of cases derevyannyeili cans.Modern technologies allow germetichnoupakovyvat tea in the cheapest type of packaging - a cardboard, cellophane.Vysshiemesta of quality packaging tea in the world occupy countries such as England iFrantsiya.

Myth - green tea helps fight cancer.

The fact that this statement can not be, and tolkopredpolozheniem.Experts still investigating the effect of tea on tumor nobolshoe antioxidant content in green tea affects the slowing onkologicheskihprotsessov.

Myth - Only need to drink sweet tea.

Many nutritionists with this expression does not agree, even though nemimeetsya truth.In the case of a lot of vitamin B1, and it contributes to the rapid breakdown of carbohydrates.And it remains lishdogadyvatsya, that why all over the world made sweet pastries and tea desertyzapivat.

Myth - tea is harmful to pregnant women.

likely a misconception arose when it became known that tea is a small percentage of caffeine.Coffee really dangerous priberemennosti can cause miscarriage.But a small number of nekrepkogochaya per day (2 cups) will not prevent a woman bear a healthy child.

Myth - Green tea may eventually destroy strukturupecheni.

worth noting that for the human organizmeproiskhodit began to destroy liver tissue irreversible processes neobhodimoogromnoe amount of green tea drinking.Everything should be done in moderation.After lyuboyprodukt can harm the body if eaten it too.

Myth - not recommended immediately after a meal to drink tea.

It's really true remark, because chaesoderzhitsya tannin, and it reacts with protein and iron, can be sealed ihstrukturu that complicate and slow down the digestion of food.It is better to drink chaypo after 20 minutes after the adoption of fatty food, if the food is not greasy, tomozhno immediately.

most important advice that you want to listen -always eat freshly brewed tea.But constant while napitokluchshe all used for various outdoor cosmetic purposes.For example, protirayaim skin, making lotions for the eyes.Overly strong tea able vyzvatgolovnuyu pain that is triggered by the large number of caffeine, have got vkrov.

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