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Absinthe: how it all began, how to cook and drink

it all began

forerunner absinthe wormwood tincture is considered, which was used by the ancient Greeks as a drug.Ssamogo beginning this drink was used only for medical purposes and schitalsyapanatseey all diseases.His first name - the green fairy.

How to drink absinthe was used uzhev 18th century.It is made from alcohol and wormwood liqueur.For special vkusadobavlyalis various herbs.Since then, the taste remains the same - it has gorkoeposlevkusie and strong aroma of anise and wormwood.

Industrial production of absinthe began in 1797godu.It then opened its first plant for its production.Sozdatelyaabsenta called Henry-Louis Pernod.At first, this drink is taken in France.They treated him with help wounds and tropical diseases.A few desyatiletiyabsent became popular in other countries.In a short span of time onzavoeval glory in the highest strata of society, and was called "a drink of Bohemia."Egopoklonnikami were poets and writers who have mentioned more than once in their tvoreniyaho how to d

rink absinthe.Even Picasso drew attention to this prekrasnyynapitok and created a sculpture made of bronze, which he called "glass of absinthe."

disputes and doubts

In the early 20th century, absinthe began to fall out of favor.Modern humans began to develop the impression that chrezmernoeupotreblenie absinthe leads to mental disorders.And those who drank etotnapitok wrong suffered from nervous disorders or incurable alkogolizma.Poetomu sale and production of drink slowly stopped.And in mnogihstranah Europe altogether forbidden to sell it.The study began.Vrezultate doctors came to a disappointing conclusion.It was found that those who consumed the drink in large quantities, does stradaliot hallucinations.Sometimes the effects were much sadder - schizophrenia.Kprimeru, was registered a case when under the influence of absinthe alcohol andother farmer Jean Lanfren shot my family.

doctors decided that the reason that influenced napsihicheskoe condition of the people, it is thujone - the essential substance that soderzhalosv absinthe.But over time, this claim has been disproved.As vyyasnilospozzhe, damage to the body bore no thujone and alcohol, poor quality and chrezmernayakrepost.In absinthe contained about 72 percent alcohol.

The EU ban on the production iupotreblenie absinthe was lifted in 1981.Switzerland, the birthplace of the drink, snyalaogranichenie after all, in the early 21st century.And this was told to the content of thujone in absinthe should not be higher than normal.

Modern absinthe

Modern absinthe has the same castle as before -70 degrees.But its production is used only vysokokachestvennyyspirt and other ingredients that meet all standards.Of course, this is not to speak about what you can drink it immensely, because any alcohol bolshihkolichestvah harmful to our body.

Modern absinthe can be of different colors: yellow, brown, clear, red, light - and rich emerald zelenogo.Pered drinking absinthe is diluted with water, from which it gets kind of muddy.

Different brands of absinthe different quality.Samyydorogoy and best absinthe is made from grape alcohol, more deshevyesorta include conventional alcohol soaked it leaves of wormwood.Samymdeshevym absinthe is one that is made of alcohol with dobavleniemnuzhnyh extracts.

In stores you can find many poddelokabsenta.Recognize fake is very simple - it will contain nebolshuyukrepost.For example, "absinthe", having a fortress of 55 degrees - is podslaschennayapolynnaya tincture, which has no essential oils, and which has nichegoobschego to the absinthe.The only advantage of this drink is chtop compared with vodka he drinks easily.

How to drink absinthe

If you decide to try this mysterious drink, then you need to remember a few simple rules on how to drink it.Dlyanachala should be noted for myself that absinthe bitter taste, so negodobavlyayut cold water to soften the taste.Water should be poured through a special vbokal spoon full of holes, which is kusochekkorichnevogo sugar.Sugar takes away a little bit bitter, and drink gets boleepriyatny taste.The most optimal percentage for razbavleniyaabsenta - 1: 5, that is one part of the beverage into five parts water.If you zhelaetesovsem get rid of the bitterness in the mouth, add a slice of lemon ililayma absinthe.

From quality absinthe you will not experience intoxication.Effektbudet different.And everyone feels everything differently.Someone napitokrasslablyaet this, and who is willing to move mountains.Some people feel boleeschastlivymi and they want to smile, and some may even be sad.Vsezavisit on mood.So before you begin to absinthe, it is recommended to take off stress, relax and tune napolozhitelnye emotions.

Methods of preparing absinthe

method that came to us from France, only ottraditsionnogo different proportions of water.The glass is filled with one part absinthe Izata, at a special spoon with sugar poured gradually holodnoyvody three parts.

Czech method differs from traditsionnogokardinalno.It does not use water.Take a spoon heats up.Posleetogo it put a cube of brown sugar and pour absinthe.As a result, uvas succeed cocktail of absinthe and melted sugar.The resulting kokteylneobhodimo drink a little warm.

There is a way to use Russian dannogonapitka.Separately preparing syrup of sugar, and then it is diluted with napitkomv right proportions.This recipe is considerably softens the bitter taste of absinthe.

drink you can drink in the pure form, no pre razbavlyaya.Tolko it must be strongly cooled.Then use egonuzhno small doses, not more than 30 grams at a time.

absinthe Can be dangerous?

As mentioned above, in absinthe contains tuyon.Eto substance found in wormwood.In bolshihkolichestvah it may harm, as a kind of drug.Unekotoryh people who drank too much absinthe, occurred pristupyepilepsii, convulsions, also found a violation of the nervous system and drugienepriyatnye things.

Some doctors do not recommend drinking this napitokpostoyanno as it is addictive.

Based on the above we can conclude that in malyhkolichestvah absinthe is completely safe.It has a relaxing effect yin brings harm to the body.However, at high doses it can cause sereznyenarusheniya body.Therefore it is better not to abuse them.