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Benefits and harms of cheese: whether it is?

Studies have shown that cheese - istochnikmikroelementov beautiful and useful vitamins.Others, however, we discovered the truth about chtoprodukt too caloric and fat, and it should not be eaten.So today we are going to deal vetom issue.And dispel all speculation about cheese.

Cheese dream: useful properties

We'll start with the beneficial properties of cheese.And find out whether onvoobsche useful for the organism?The main component of all cheese - protein.As you know, our body needs protein for the formation of new cells.Protein in cheese priobretaetrastvorimye properties.And because of this, it is almost completely absorbed vorganizme.We can assume that no residue.The protein in the cheese even more than vsamom meat.

The cheese contains phosphorus and calcium.On the day you need 70 grams of cheese sestvsego to an adult daily requirement of calcium obtained.Product mozhetpohvalitsya high content of vitamin A and B, as well as it has an amino acid (lysine, methionine, tryptophan), which are ne

cessary for the person.Cheese needs to ratsionepitaniya.It must make sure to eat children, pregnant and lactating women, the seedlings.Milk produkthorosho supports the body during fracture.

addition, cheese is an indispensable source molochnyhzhirov.Ask why they need?Dairy fats help pischevaritelnoysisteme and beneficial influence on the body's metabolism.Most etihveschestv in fatty cheese.They are more delicate taste.

If you eat a couple of hours before going to bed a couple of pieces of cheese, the etoobespechit you strong and healthy sleep.So you can make yourself ezhednevnyyperekus to sleep: a couple pieces of cheese and a cup of yogurt.

Cheese is made from milk.Therefore, to conclude that there are soderzhatsyavse useful trace elements, as in the milk, but only in kontsentrirovannomvide.In 1 liter of milk contains as much vitamin in 100 g of cheese.

Negatives cheese

We have realized that the cheese product is useful.But the world is not divided into black and white.Therefore, even cheese has two sides.It is useful, but it has drugoystorony and their "bad" side.So let's look at these options.

now sell a lot of sharp and salty cheese.Oninegativno affect your stomach.Therefore it is necessary to abandon this product.Osobennoeto refers to people who are suffering from a stomach ulcer and gastritis.Not rekomendovanoest salty and tangy cheese with hypertension.

addition, cheese - a product of refining crude.A pripostoyannom consumption of such foods can occur kidney stones.This does not mean that you can no longer estsyry.Of course not!Cheese should be eating.You just need to limit yourself vnekotoryh grades.Avoid spicy yellow varieties and give your predpochtenietvorozhnym cheeses.

Most Valuable cheese

What is on the shelves in a supermarket cheese, just glazarazbegayutsya.And some of them are healthy and tasty?Hard question!But we poprobuemvse same answer.Often near shelves with cheese feel "Poteryashka" because mozhnoprogadat and buy too salty or pungent cheese.Each variety mozhetpohvastatsya various useful properties.Proceed.

  • Suluguni.One of the most popular cheeses.Prepare it pasterizovannogomoloka usually from cows, goats and even buffalo.It improves appetite and stimuliruetrabotu human intestine, thereby blagotvornovliyaet metabolism.If it is prepared properly, it is very polezendlya person.
  • Adygei cheese.This kind of cheese should make izovechego milk.The cheese matures in brine at a pre-exposed to negobakterii - Bulgarian bacillus.This cheese is very fat, but contains vsepoleznye vitamins for the body.If a person has lactose intolerance, then this is to give the cheese.He kept only a month after manufacturing.Takchto be careful not to buy expired products.
  • Curd cheese.This is the safest type of cheese for organizma.Ego can be used daily.It does not create discomfort and body nasyschaetego calcium.It can be used in diets to include detskoepitanie.
  • Cheese with mold.Such cheeses like Brie and Dorblu hvalyatsyasvoimi bactericidal properties.They are very useful for digestion.Cheese Brisozrevaet with penicillin fungi in special cellars.And after dolgovogosozrevaniya appears on the surface of the cheese white fluffy mold.But dlyaizgotovleniya Dorblu use mushroom blue cheese.Mould uluchshaetrabotu intestine and helps in the synthesis of vitamin B. So this cheese odnoznachnopolezen to humans.Prepare the cheese on the basis of unsterilized milk poetomuego not recommended for pregnant women and children.Such cheeses are fairly high in calories.
  • Parmesan.Delicious Italian cheese.Without this cheese neoboshlas none pasta in Italy.It can be stored for 10 years at pravilnomprigotovlenii there is almost no cholesterol.Parmesan is useful, and it may estvse without exception.
  • processed cheese.That's where it's worth asking about the usefulness.Posmotrevna packaging with processed cheese, just think how much there all crammed.Eslikonechno same cheese manufactured without chemicals and food additives, it is worth thinking about egopoleznosti.Good cheese must be prepared from naturalnyhingredientov and contain the vitamin B group, phosphorus, calcium, and casein.
  • feta.Delicious cheese come directly from Greece.His izgotavlivayutih sheep or goat milk.It contains a large kolichestvoantibiotikov that protect your body from food poisoning.Therefore syrfeta it considered useful for the organism.

Today we learned that the cheese longer useful to the body, chemvreden.There are varieties of cheeses that should be avoided but the most useful for the organism vkusnyhsyrov and stoitvklyuchit in the daily diet.Useful properties have prakticheskivse varieties.In many of them have cholesterol, but the parmesan - exclusion from pravil.Teper we know the answer to a question about the usefulness of cheese.In all you need to know the measure.In densedayte no more than 50-70 grams of cheese, and that will be enough.We wish priyatnogoappetita and culinary cheese!

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