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How to get rid of the craving for sweets?

often a craving for sladkomuspravitsya is very difficult, but if you follow some of the recommendations Toet problem does not seem excessive.To use menshesladkogo first need to believe in themselves, in what kazhdyysmozhet overcome the desire to eat sweets, cakes, pies, etc.

Because there is a craving for something sweet?

inexorable thirst for sladkomugovorit that in the human diet is not enough complex carbohydrates.Vospolnitih stock, you can use products such as grain breads, cereals, legumes, soy zaisklyucheniem, pasta from durum wheat.

Sweet foods soderzhatprostye carbohydrates, they quickly saturate the body and improve mood.But stoitpomnit that due to the increased consumption of sweet and sugar levels vkrovi, the body reacts to this significant release of insulin.Due etihprotsessov feeling of fullness passes quickly and the feeling of hunger.Foods that contain complex carbohydrates, saturated long time, and there are forces energiya.Sleduet remember that excessive consumption of sweets

leads to uvelicheniyuzhirovogo reserve of the body, to increase the weight, causing takiezabolevaniya as obesity, etc.

If there is traction ksladkomu best to eat natural chocolate.This product is not only tasty, but also useful.In order not to appear craving for sweets, you obogatitsvoy diet foods containing complex carbohydrates.

Substitutes sweets and pastries

To reduce cravings for sladkomusleduet enter into the diet of a large quantity of fruit.To do this, instead of perekusovsladkimi products such as buns and cakes, you need to eat your lyubimyefrukty.Calories in fruits znachitelnomenshe, and thus accumulate extra weight will not, and in addition, fruit also useful dlyaorganizma.As a replacement for sweet, you can choose dried fruit or nuts, Noonu enough calories, so do not use them too bolshomkolichestve.

sladkieprodukty beginning to replace in the diet should be gradual.To begin poprobovatsochetanie useful and sugary foods, such as the hazelnuts in chocolateAbout strawberries with cream.Eating these foods will help organizmuperestroitsya and get used to not only sweet, but also beneficial to the food.

Do not move narazlichnye sweeteners.After all, in most cases, they are for those who use of sugar is contraindicated, such as suffering saharnymdiabetom.Sugar substitutes will not help to lose weight and sometimes byvaetnaoborot contribute to the emergence of new kilograms.

¬ęTricks" at the use of sweet

In the struggle with cravings for sweets primenyayuttakie many tricks, such as fruit gum.If there was a desire sestchto something sweet, you can chew it and thus meet this need, nosahara not increase in the body, and thus do not appear the extra weight.

sestkonfetu When there is a desire, and it is followed by the second, third, etc., and it is very difficult to stop, you can use the following trick: instead of the usual chocolates sestneskolko dark chocolate truffles.They quickly help the body nasytitsyasladkim, and the body is not receiving a lot of sugar.Upotreblenietryufeley even be called useful.

Proper nutrition for sweet lovers

should remember chtopereryvy between meals should not be too large.Big pereryvsposobstvuet that increases appetite and a person uses bolsheekolichestvo sweet or a large portion of food.To this izbezhatnuzhno eat more often, with reduced portions.Schitaetsyapyatirazovoe optimal diet to reduce hunger and stabilize blood sugar vkrovi.

For sweet lovers dazhebolee frequent meals in small portions, and sometimes can not drown out the thrust ksladkomu.In this case, yield to the requirements of the body, but etomsedat no more than 150 calories per snack.For example, one chocolate konfetasoderzhit approximately 80 kcal, and caramel - 40-60 kcal.In between meals you can eat mezhdupriemami dveshokoladnye candy caramel or three, then hunger will not silnomuchit.

Do not buy a Torah ikorobki chocolates, because if the house has a delicious, very slozhnouderzhatsya not eat it.If you want a candy, it is best to buy nemnogorazvesnyh and instead buy a cake cake.For those who love lakomitsyasladkim cookies, as an alternative to suit savory crackers.


Those breaks and poedaetsladkoe, do not despair.Disruptions - it is quite normal thing.Etokasaetsya especially women, because they are fragile creatures and some days they absorb prostoneobhodimo sweet.

should remember chtosladkie products are not a panacea when there are problems and stress.Vetoy situation, even when there is very strong cravings for sweets should be kept.Best of all nesidet house and go for a walk, for example, in a park or public garden.Svezhiyvozduh and natural scenery distract from the sad thoughts and the desire to eat tosladkoe.

Do not instantly otkazyvatsyaot sweet and expect kilos quickly leave.This process dostatochnodlitelny, everything should be done gradually.If there was a failure, there is no need to despair, should start from the beginning, the main thing to have a strong desire and then the purpose budetdostignuta.