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How to temper the appetite

Everybody knows that there is a strong appetite during a meal.Suppose you for dinner we were eating cinnamon bun.Very soon, will you have this bad habit and, later, the body will no longer require a bun, and more.But even if you before bedtime will have different buns or cakes, you will enter into the habit of filling the stomach at bedtime carbohydrates.And it will now last forever.But if regular intake rolls were not, and would not appear addictive.Habits develop very easily.

But there is a solution.It is necessary to replace harmful triggers utility.Triggers - it's food, causing the largest appetite.They also stimulate overeating.Avoid them.If this fails, replace these products are useful for the organism.Very good diet shakes, they are healthy and low-calorie.After a short period of time you will notice that you have "pulls" it to these new products.Therefore replace the triggers fresh fruit and raw vegetables.

Do not tempt yourself
Get rid of foods that you really like, but they do not fit into
your diet.Get rid of them without regret.Gift box of chocolates sweet lovers.It will no longer cause you do not wish to remember the extra pounds.And do not think about the money spent on sweets, because your goal - a slim figure.It is not necessary to acquire and keep food in the house that will not let you lose weight, it is very difficult sometimes to fight the temptation.

Eat nuts
drank two glasses of water, begin to eat nuts: walnuts six pieces, 20 pieces of peanuts and about ten almond.Carefully and slowly chew them.Water and nuts almost instantly create a feeling of satiety.It will remain with you for a few hours.

Coffee useful sweets
least harm will cause the body to black coffee.But cappuccino and latte contain fewer calories than candy or chocolate bars.Caffeine is capable of some time to suppress appetite.And the process of its preparation distract your thoughts about food.

Brush time
If you feel that you have eaten enough already, go brush your teeth.Most people have lost appetite immediately after hygienic cleaning teeth.Perhaps it is because of the reluctance to break the mouth fresh and clean teeth for the second time, if there is no strength to withstand temptation steadfastly to eat something delicious.

Distract yourself
If there is a strong desire to make at least a small snack after two hours, it is not real hunger.These attacks lasted about ten minutes.To forget about them, we must turn our attention to something nice.You can listen to music or go for a walk.And you can just turn our attention to an interesting job.This is the best and proven tool to curb the appetite or decrease.Pay attention to the enthusiastic people.You will notice that they are not overweight and, of course, obesity.

explained simple.After the attacks of appetite are born in our heads.There is no relation to the real needs of the body.And these people head busy with other thoughts.About the food they remember only when the stomach becomes rather empty.Sometimes, enthusiastic people able to forget about eating for a few hours during the day.This is not entirely correct.Still, when the interesting things craving for calories weakens.

Pamper yourself
Do not give up entirely on the trigger foods.In small quantities, they are allowed to indulge yourself.Over time, the desire to eat unhealthy food disappears.But until then do not limit yourself dramatically.Consequences can get exactly the opposite.

drink plenty of water, filling the stomach, it helps to forget about the food, but not for long.But if you drink water regularly, you will not suffer from sudden attacks of appetite and their unpleasant consequences.

Observe mode
sharply arisen desire to eat is often the result of fatigue.Seizures of appetite occur in people working overtime.After all, they sacrifice sleep and their hobbies and socializing with their loved ones.The daily routine of a need to be organized so that there was enough time for work and for meals.

Herbal teas
If these methods to suppress the appetite you do not help, it will help a cup of mint tea mints or two, but no more.

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