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Benefits of wheat germ and contraindications for its application

Polzaproroschennoy wheat

about the medicinal properties of the grains also known in our country.Zachastuyuproroschennye seeds used for general strengthening our immune system and vosenny and spring these seeds become one of the best sredstvdlya prevention beriberi.Prepared on the basis of germinated wheat grains raznyekashi, jelly, soups and many other dishes.Everyone surely familiar istinnorusskoe dish called kutia.Preparing it just on the basis of zerenpshenitsy.

not just wheat became the subject of biochemical mnogochislennyhissledovany.Millet entered strongly in the principles of nutrition different zarubezhnyhstran.Numerous systems that embody pravilnoepitanie offer include wheat germ in the daily diet.Nasegodnyashny day as wheat sprouted grains are also very popular with people who want to stick to a healthy diet and proper lifestyle.

many dishes can be prepared on the basis of the grain.Neredkoosnovyvayutsya on sprouts decoctions and infusions takzheprochie bracing.Useful properties o

f wheat grains due vomnogom its chemical composition.Because the process of germination activated vpshenichnom grain enzymes called enzymes.Their action sposobstvuetrasschepleniyu nutrients in grains.As a result, the formation of new, naiboleeeffektivnye compounds that quite easily absorbed by the body.Nahodyatsyatakie compounds in the optimal ratio, have the form of fatty acids and amino sugars prosteyshihvidov.

established fact that a small seedling wheat naiboleetsenen against mineral, vitamin, amino acid content than ordinary dry grain.A process germination privoditk that in themselves grains is increased, and in some times, vitamins different groups.They are able to provide enough moschnoestimulirovanie immunity.Due to such influence dostigaetsyaomolazhivayuschee action, which is very beneficial could affect deyatelnostiorganov belonging to our reproductive system.

located in the wheat germ B vitamins dayutvozmozhnost ensure coherence of the nervous system, brain, heart, muscle, normalized with the processes that are responsible for obnovleniekrovi, stimulation of the thyroid gland.As a result, regular use dannyhsemyan improved condition of hair, stronger nails, skin is cleansed and decreases in blood cholesterol levels.Wheatgrass also obogaschenavitaminom C, which is the most valuable natural substance kotoroesposobno block the negative impact of factors for usvoeniyaorganizmom iron, zinc, calcium and magnesium create obstacles.Pshenichnyerostki a concentrated force, energy plant, which is still vrazvitii.Therefore, they act as a rich source of vbiologicheskom for active substances.Also, they are able to provide general strengthening many medicinal properties.In sprouted grains upper shell, which nazyvayutotrubyami, very rich in dietary fiber, especially insoluble fiber.

This material begins with the penetration of the body like a swell.This provides an incentive for the bowel, predotvraschayatem most adverse effects of stagnation.Fiber, moving pischevaritelnomutraktu sucked into the pores of your various harmful substances (toxins, toxins, carcinogens, which, after effectively removed from the human body).Sistematicheskoeupotreblenie sprouted grains rich in various compounds, along soptimalnym of water for a person very helpful.

This food is especially recommended to be used for those who suffer from constipation.Wheat grains can be a wonderful profilakticheskimsredstvom colon cancer, as well as pryamoykishki.

Contra-use wheat germ

practical use wheat germ can imetnegativnyh side effects.However, there are a number of contraindications.

necessary to abandon the use of such proroschennyhzeren persons suffering from chronic intestinal diseases exacerbations sistemylibo stomach.

From this food in the case of ulcers, diarrhea or allergies luchshevozderzhatsya.Also, children under the age of twelve to give the grain of wheat germ is not recommended.

wheat germ are also not recommended for persons kotoryenedavno postponed surgery.

But in other cases, the wheat can bring bolshuyupolzu become a wonderful source of energy vitaminovi.