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21 way to cheat hunger

1. Start with soup

250 ml broth with vegetables or chicken or cream soup before the main course work wonders: hot liquid, filling the stomach, gives almost instant feeling of satiety.

2. But with only one dish!

analyzing the behavior of the people at the buffet, nutritionists noted that those shamelessly ate 73% more soup than enough to satiety, and were not even aware of this glaring fact.

3. Walk on dates

found that women on a romantic dinner demonstriruyutbolee modest than usual appetite.But man, on the contrary, more than usual on svidaniyahedyat.

4. Do not dined by candlelight

Dim flickering light - a true companion of overeating.

5. Eat meat

In the experiment, US scientists have found that people in the diet are protein foods was 30%, with an average daily consumed na441 calories less than those who received only 15% protein.But bear in mind: increasing the share of protein in the diet the body will benefit only if you nebrezguesh active work in the gym.

6. Close your eyes

For fun, try it at least once for lunch blindly.Vystavina table all that you plan to eat, armed with a fork-spoon and bind sebeglaza.The experiment to you on personal experience convinced: oschuschenienastoyaschey satiety occurs long before compote.The explanation is simple.Chelovekunekogda to listen to the signals of your body, if all the colleagues on business lanchuzakazali dessert or on television is something interesting, or a citizen sdetstva learned that lunch should be complex.But if you learn slushatsvoe body, even looking at the picturesque serving, your figure will be envied.

7. Drink a multivitamin

A number of studies suggest that the body chelovekakompensiruet micronutrient deficiencies active synthesis of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the ravenous appetite.And you, of course, ate more than planned.

8. Follow hands

shift fork in the "non-working" hand (left, if you're right-handed) -and make sure that there is so fast, as usual, will not succeed.It is you right: satiety hormone leptin concentration reaches the level of "everything can not go on" about 20 minutes after the start of the meal. So, for the time tydokovyryaesh salad, there's something else already rashochetsya.

9. Falling in love leaves

During scientific studies have proven: women kotoryenachinali dinner dish lettuce (100 kcal), while zastolyapotreblyali 12% fewer calories - though not thinking about diet ilikakih any restrictions. Nutritionists believethat's the secret to saturating silepischevyh fibers, which are rich green leaves.

10. Pass on blue

After much research Chinese scientists otkrylosznanie that this color effect on the person as appetitoponizhayuschee. Sinieskaterti, napkins and utensils,Observations smart Chinese forced chelovekaest slower and faster to capture brain signals, hinting at sytost.Vprochem, no one bothers you and repaint the walls of the heavenly tones of the kitchen dining exclusively with sea views.

11. Beware of pizza

Observation nutritionists say that narezannayaklinovidnymi pieces of food (like pizza or corporate grandmother's cake) taitosobuyu danger to the waist.This form does not adequately assess the razmerportsii - that solving the mystery of why apple pie always ends slishkombystro.

12. Add oil

to burn fast carbs, your body dostatochnochasa or two - and then it asks the meal.Processing of fats can be zanyatnadolgo, but you're scared like fire.And it is in vain.Deficiency of fat tormozitobmennye processes in the body (and hence the weight loss).To be well-fed, ispokoynoy for its own figure on the menu unsaturated useful: in salatydobavlyay slices of avocado, nuts and seeds, to make friends with oily sea fish to cook on high-quality olive oil.

13. Drink

cross between food and drink, fruit smoothie naosnove drinking yoghurt is good in three dimensions.Full of protein prituplyayuschegogolod;fiber, which gives a feeling of satiety without additional calories (spasibofruktam);and calcium (especially if you mixed with banana yogurt) - posledniyelement responsible for the body to burn fat instead garnered.

14. Choose bread

abandon it difficult and not necessary.Just eat non-white, wheat, whole grain and wholemeal - it is five to polovinoyraz more saturated.

15. Not merznu

restaurant owners are well aware of each chtoglavny wolf appetite - cold, and therefore include air conditioning coil is filled.The best way not to tempt his own stomach - to keep the body vteple.

16. Avoid crowds

The average person who dines in the company of three sebepodobnyh destroys 75% more food than would eat alone.At a table navosmeryh - twice the usual.

17. Ignore words

British scientists have found that conventional products polezneedlya your figure than the low-fat low-calorie.In any case, participants in the experiment, enjoy the traditional biscuit cake, feel full and satisfied and ate less than usual in techeniesleduyuschih 24 hours.Those who chose diet version dessert puskalisvo winds and eventually overeat.

18. crunching carrots

scientists from Ireland have noticed that raw carrots uteshaetgolodnyh much better than has undergone cooking.Add otsebya: it concerns most succulent fruits and vegetables.

19. Remember the cows

In fact, they eat very wisely: almost without interruption, but potravinke.You, too, will approach this strategy: divide the daily menu on pyatpriemov meal (300-350 calories each), following at regular intervals (approximately3 hours), then the blood sugar level will not fluctuate significantly and tyzastrahueshsya from bouts of starvation, forcing her to sweepvsesedobnoe way.

20. Hold your breath

Freshly baked pie with cinnamon volevoydevushki very strongly, do not argue.His divine fragrance stimulates the secretion of insulin, imozg perceives the signal is clear: the hostess hungry.Now I understand why meet with friends in a cafe-confectionery "cup of tea" - is slyness chistoyvody?

21. Catch fish

The list of products reliably satisfy hunger, kotoryysostavila Australian doctor Suzanne Holt, fish takeshonorable vtoroemesto - just between potatoes and oatmeal. This means that 100 kilokaloriyv a fish saturate better than a piece of chicken or lamb tsennostyuv the same 100 calories. But fish is not more useful substances than in the same potato.