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Lack of vitamins: diagnose and troubleshoot

Notice of an excessive irritability and strife?You have iron deficiency, eat a steak!Swollen feet?So, do not have enough potassium.Polakomtes banana, this double benefit: and tasty, and the body receives the necessary mineral.Just at this moment, as we say, a little more detail ...

1. Lack of vitamin B2
recommended daily dose is 1.3 mg for men and 1.1 mg for women.Vitamin B2 is essential for the production and growth of cells without the body can not restore the skin and mucous cells with appropriate speed.With its deficit, for example, can be cracked corners of lips.It is also necessary for the processing of food into energy, so fatigue and headache are the direct symptoms of vitamin B2.According to statistics, one fifth of girls aged 11 to 18 years and one of the eight women consume enough vitamin B2.In men, vitamin A deficiency is rare.The reason is that they consume more food (all commonplace simple!) And eaten by volume to give the desired dose B2.The situation with deficiency of vitamin
B2 is easily solved - it is found in dairy products, just a glass (250 ml) of milk in the diet will remove all problems.

2. Lack of vitamin A
There is not a migraine, as is the case with vitamin B2, and upset stomach signals a lack of vitamin A. Just something you need 0.7 mg a day for men and 0,6 mg for women to protect the mucosal surface of intestine and respiratory tract from possible infections.But this number loses each of eight adolescents of both sexes, and 10 percent of men.Fewer women (6 percent) are subject to a deficiency of vitamin A due to their vegetable diet, eating more men carrots and herbs containing vitamin A deficiency diet for the simplest solution: the carrot and the liver, but the liver is not recommended for pregnant ladies to "brute force" of vitamin A is notcause harm to the fetus.

3. Lack of vitamin D
general pain throughout the body and the local back or joint pain, plantar fasciitis (heel pain, especially in the morning), weakness and fatigue - are symptoms of a lack of vitamin D in the body.It is vital for the development and maintenance of bones and muscles, since regulates the level of calcium and phosphorus.By strengthening our bones, vitamin is also important for the immune system, increasing the possibility of protective anti-cancer body.The daily dose of only 5 micrograms (0.005 mg of it! Compare with the above requirement for vitamins B2 and A).However, the statistics of the low level of vitamin D in all age groups.

Vitamin D deficiency is easily eliminated by all your favorite canned sardines, salmon or anchovies provided consumption at least a couple of servings a week.And in any sunny day be sure to pop up on the street and spend 20 minutes in the sun without any sun protection.Create all the conditions of the body, he himself will provide vitamin D.

4. zinc deficiency
ceases to distinguish the taste nuances of the food?Perhaps this is due to lack of zinc in the body.Recent studies of European doctors found that patients with a lower zinc content in red blood cells deteriorated ability to detect salty taste.In general, zinc is required for the development and maintenance of the taste receptor and for the manufacture of salivary enzymes.Its deficiency is also evident in the frequent colds and infections, delayed wound healing, since this mineral plays an important role in the functioning of the immune system and repair and cell renewal.

beef and lamb, nuts (preferably peanut or cashew), whole replenish zinc deficiency.The daily requirement for zinc for men - 9.5 mg, women - up to 7 mg.

5. potassium deficiency
Potassium "tied up" to help regulate the water balance of the body, so its deficiency contributes to high blood pressure.All this together is manifested in the swollen feet, especially at the end of the day.Nutritionists found that nearly a quarter of all women do not provide in their diets desired amount of potassium.

Potassium found in many vegetables and fruits, especially bananas.Therefore, all women, who in the evening with a groan say: "How can I have swollen feet!", Recommended to eat per day to five bananas will then be provided with the daily requirement of potassium dose of 3.5 mg.

6. Iron deficiency
Doctors noticed a clear relationship between the nature and grumpy iron deficiency in the body.Previously recognized by symptoms such excessive paleness and it is not strange shape of the nail in a concave spoon (like a drop of water can hold).Now increased irritability considered ahead of all other factors are a sign of iron deficiency.

Iron is a key component of red blood cells, it is necessary to them for distribution of oxygen throughout the body.If there is a lack thereof, it is, primarily by reducing the amount of oxygen entering the brain.Hence the existence of contentiousness.The daily dose needs for men is 8.7 mg, and for women - as many as 14.8 mg!Only on statistics up to 30 percent of teenage girls and 17 percent of women of all ages suffer from iron deficiency.Here you have one explanation for the explosive temper and eccentric teenage girls and over (compared with men) contentiousness in older women.

iron sources of animal origin - beef, sardines, eggs and green vegetables, nuts, legumes better than any pills help of contentiousness.Men should not skimp and more to feed their wives named products.Then family peace they achieved, their quarrelsome no "cut" will not.