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The harm trans fats

What traszhiry get

There are several types of fats.Saturated and nenasyschennye- it helpful.Hydrogenated trans fats - not helpful.These sostavvhodyat isomers, or elements of unsaturated fatty acids kotoryedostatochno harmful, in contrast to the same vegetable fats.Zhiryrastitelnogo origin obtained from flax seeds, sunflower, canola, by pressing.Trans fats - by heating vegetable oil to 200C and propuskacherez a high pressure hydrogen.As a result of high temperature idavleniya some of the unsaturated fatty acid modified vnasyschennye.Vegetable oil becomes a solid vegetable fat, kotoryyustoychiv to oxidation, can be stored for a long time, relatively expensive.

harm trans fats

Trans fats are harmful to humans so that when oniobogaschayutsya oxygen, then changing the structure of their molecules.They protsessegidrogenizatsii pass from the cis form (of straight molecules) trans-molding in curved.This leads to the fact that its natural function vypolnyatne they are able.Their ability to interfere wi

th the metabolism of cells zameschatmolekuly unsaturated fatty acids assist in the development otdelnyhvidov cancer.Frequent consumption of trans fats can lead to povyshennomusoderzhaniyu bad cholesterol in the blood, to the emergence of various bolezneysosudov and heart.

Trans fats are able to trigger the development of saharnogodiabeta, obesity significantly impair the quality of breast milk, the samymvliyat on weight and completely on the child's health.

With their use reduces the body's defenses.Umuzhchin a reduction in the quantity and quality of sperm.Negative deystvuyutna job enzymes depends on them defusing different himicheskihveschestv, carcinogens taken drugs.

Which product is no longer content to squander

In order to avoid the negative impact transzhirovna health, you should try to lower purchase products that have svoemsostave in vegetable oil in a modified form.Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always indicate their presence on labels vypuskaemogoprodukta.To food, as part of which trans fats are in bolshihkolichestvah, you must include: mayonnaise, sauces, mayonnaise on the similarity, legkiemasla, margarine, industrial semi-finished products (burgers, fish and myasnyepalochki), popcorn, light cheeses, which have been replaced or complete, libonebolshayaanimal fat vegetable.Also undesirable yavlyaetsyaupotreblenie creams, fast foods, soups in packets of various dry kontsentratov.Pokupnaya buns, bread, pastry of all types have in their sostavemargarin, which refers to trans fats.

They are completely absent in the plant, butter ive animal products such as cream, cheese, visceral fat.Noesli of the cheese includes vegetable oil, then it suggests that the negodobavili hydrogenated fat, if you purchased a light oil, it is nothing but a vegetable oil in its solid state.

From the foregoing it is clear that trans fats are vsostav products manufactured on an industrial scale, so luchshevsego eat homemade food.If this is not possible, reduce consumption to a minimum and dannyhproduktov with their purchase please read carefully the content.

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