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Delicious, flavorful and healthy white tea

This kind of tea is produced in China, tea kustyvyrastayut to 2.2 meters, the leaves begin to collect from the end of March to seredinymaya respectively fresh white tea gets to us in June.Nastoyaschiegurmany know that the end of summer is not sold fresh tea, respectively egopoleznye properties and taste below.

The benefits of white tea can speak for very long, myperechislim its main advantages.Delicate, fragrant white tea pomogaetuluchshit metabolism is diuretic, helps snizheniyuvesa, unlike other varieties contain the most antioxidants, which pozvolyayutotsrochit aging process.The high content of vitamin E blagotvoritelnovozdeystvuet on vessel walls, strengthening them, especially useful to drink white tea privysokoy likelihood of varicose veins.

This drink is perfect as a supplement kdieticheskoy program, by improving the metabolism, it helps in terms boleekorotkie get rid of extra kilograms, while it will saturate organizmdopolnitelnym set of vitamins.The positive effect of white tea istomatol

ogi point, they argue that the composition of the drink, there are components that help prevent tooth decay.In turn kosmetologiotmetili positive effect on tea skin.With regular use it improves the complexion, in addition, white tea has protivovospalitelnymdeystviem and strengthens the immune system.White tea reguliruetkrovyanoe pressure, which is another significant benefit for egoupotrebleniya, drinking white tea is very useful gipotonikam.

purchasing white tea, remember some of the nuances, it must be stored only in closed and sealed package.The place hraneniyane should have no foreign odors and products specially vyrazhennymaromatom.You should also save him from light and direct solnechnyhluchey.As for food, the norm for this drink is considered 3polnye tablespoons to 1 liter of boiling water or 1 teaspoon to 1 chashkukipyatka.Also worth considering that you should not drink this brew kipyascheyvodoy for white tea temperature should not exceed 70-75 gradusov.Nastaivat tea should be about 10 minutes, after which you can enjoy flavorful, wonderful, very tasty, and most importantly useful drink.Drink it without sugar is best, avoiding lyubyhiskusstvennyh sweeteners.If you wish, you can only add a spoonful of honey.

After brewing white tea, its useful svoystvasohranyayutsya for 15-20 hours.Despite its benefits, still sleduetpriderzhivatsya certain standards.Doctors recommend drinking in the day bolee2-3 cups.Like any other type of tea, white tea is not recommended kupotrebleniyu pregnant and lactating women, as caffeine mozhetnegativno impact on the child's condition.Also from this drink sleduetuderzhatsya suffering from insomnia, stomach ulcers, gastritis, diabetomgipertoniey and people with kidney disease.

White tea can be called a champion on the content of poleznyhveschestv, it will help normalize the nervous system, cleanse the blood, kidneys, liver, saturate the blood with oxygen, help to avoid heart disease isosudov.White tea - one of the most useful and delicious drinks, this can nesomnevayus.