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Glass of water natoschak- valuable helper for the body

Let's start with the fact that each person's body is 60-90% of the liquid, everybody knows it, but over the years this percentage tends to decrease, than there is a certain part of our guilt.When our body is not hvataetzhidkosti immediately appears chuvstvoustalosti and decrease in the body of water by only 5%, resulting in povysheniyutemperatury body and increased heart rate.

What is the primary role of water in the body?First of all, it eliminates toxins, strengthens the immune system, normalize metabolism, cell nutrition, water and regulates temperaturutela, improves digestion and "lubricates" the joints.Now one of glavnyhvoprosov - how to determine whether enough body fluid.It is not so trudno.Pervy method - the color of urine, the darker the shade of it has, the more defitsitvody body experiences.Another easy way - you need to pay attention to sostoyaniekozhi if it is dry and not immediately smoothed after plucking, znachitneobhodimo increase the daily amount of water you drink.

Many replace water tea or coffee, which is not right, they are, on the contrary, can harm the body because they are mochegonnymi.Sootvetstvenno, so that the body was filled with the necessary amount of fluid you need to drink plain still water and should start withmorning, immediately posleprobuzhdeniya.

No more simple and at the same time a useful recipe chemstakan pure water on an empty stomach.It is thanks to the water body is much bystreepoluchit cheerfulness, will function correctly internal organs, the nervous system is activated, it normalizes gastrointestinal tract, and most importantly, nashorganizm receive the first portion of the required liquid morning.

to the effect of a morning cup of water was the highest, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.Drinking a glass of water follows 15-30minut before breakfast, the water temperature should be slightly higher than temperaturatela up to 40 ° C.Drink in small sips, ideally, it is desirable to dannoyprotsedury get spring water.Vremyaot time you can add the water a little honey or lemon juice.Medovayavoda helps strengthen the immune system, relieve stress and normalizovatpischevarenie.Lemon water can be prepared the night before, this neobhodimoopustit in a glass of water lemon slice, so the morning will be ready zamechatelnyyvitaminny cocktail that will help stabilize rabotuserdechno circulatory, digestive and nervous systems.

Do not forget to replenish the amount of fluid in the body throughout the day, replace a few cups of coffee or tea, the usual stakanomchistoy water.The first positive changes will be visible very soon.Priregulyarnom use the required amount of fluid complexion znachitelnouluchshitsya, normalizes the work of the internal organs to appear cheerful and novyesily.

One of the main advantages of a conventional, non-carbonated water misrepresented that it did not have contraindications, but on the contrary, neobhodimakazhdomu of us, the main thing is not to forget about it.Take care of yourself and your health, the results of this work will certainly be happy.That's vsyaneobhodimaya and information adhering to these tips, you can in a short srokiuluchshit skin, internal organs and body as a whole.

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