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Positive and negative sides of the gum health

It should be noted that not all chewing gum positively influence human narotovuyu cavity.Only in their limits on the amount it could bytprok.Today we will try to find out whether the useful chewing gum dlyacheloveka.

benefits of chewing gum

salivation, in turn, protects the teeth onarazrushaet pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity.Chewing gum promotes saliva aktivnoyvyrabotke.Therefore, this fact can be attributed to positive storonametogo product.

Chewing gum can be mechanically clean the teeth from ostatkovpischi.It only cleans the surface teeth.But the corners, where the food is stuck mezhduzubov, cud not afford to get it.You will be able to clean your teeth with only pomoschyuzubnoy thread.

Chewing gum promotes intensive development of gastric soka.I after eating is pretty important.It will soon be processed.But doedu not worth chewing gum because the gastric juice will corrode vashzheludok.

That's all the positive aspects of the chewing gum.Although eetak advertise on TV.So it is

necessary to conclude that most of the benefits is just a myth and fiction, or a publicity stunt to unwind goods.

few myths about chewing gum

  • Gum is able to clean the gums and teeth from different bakteriy.Oni develop into leftovers, leftover food are trudnodostupnyhmestah where the toothbrush can not reach, but also chewing gum nepomozhet, it only clearsthe chewing surface of the tooth and all.A rinsed his mouth, you will be able to achieve more than chewing gum.To eliminate residues pischistoit use dental floss.Because these bacteria contribute razvitiyukariesa.
  • It normalizes the acid-alkaline balance.After receiving so pischietot process occurs without intervention from outside.He is able to vosstanovitsyauzhe half an hour after a meal.Of course, sugar-free gum may sokratiteto time in half.But whether because of chewing gum?It dovolnoslozhny question.You can simply rinse your mouth with water after eating, and will takoyzhe result.There
  • whitening gum.It is said that there are ipravda.Manufacturers included in the gum otbelivayuschieveschestva.But they especially do not help your enamel.To whiten your teeth, you pridetsyadolgo chew gum.And it's not worth it.So it is necessary to postpone the idea Otomi to whiten your teeth using chewing gum.

Negative effects from chewing gum

In children's chewing gum contains sugar instead of sweetener.Ithaca product only violates the acid-alkaline balance, not vosstanavlivaetego.Therefore, these costs do not gum chewing.Choose sugar-free.

not recommended to chew gum before eating.Because ETO time you develop gastric juice.Production of gastric juice, kogdazheludok empty, can bring to the development of gastritis and further to obrazovaniyuyazvy.

Some gum provoked the instability of the teeth.Here the unpleasant.In some cases, the gum caused allergicheskoyreaktsii.After all of the gum does not include natural ingredients, there prakticheskiodna chemistry.Typically, gum bases consist of rubber (or wax edible resin), stabilizers, sweeteners, thickeners, flavoring agents, emulsifiers, etc.

If you carefully read the composition of the gum on her back, her tostrashno will all be put in the mouth.There are so many "E" are very unprofitable for the human body.Small children is prohibited their zhevat.Esli they accidentally swallow them, it will cause gastrointestinal disorders, and bolshinstvesluchaev causes obstruction and constipation.

People who chewed gum excessively, may zametitrazvitie at hypersalivation salivary glands.Besides may razvitsyazaedy, goiter and other diseases.Inflation statnarusheniem gum may bite children.

Rules chewing and being replaced by "snacks"?

Nobody says that you must take and isklyuchitzhevatelnuyu gum out of his life.Chew it can be, but to use it with a small 4 times a day.Chewy should not exceed 10 minutes, moreover, that its taste is already spoiled.Take it only when you osnovnogopriema food.

If you have small children, then it is not worth davatzhvachku or tell in detail the rules for its reception with vsemiposledstviyami.Some gum may provoke a change gormonalnogofona so during pregnancy from her is to give at all.

Those who can not live without gum dolzhenvnimatelno look at their choice.It should be no sugar, no iskusstvennyharomatizatorov and without dyes.It is very important that it is fresh.Poetomusmotrite on the date of manufacture and expiry date.Choose izvestnyhproizvoditeley gum with a good reputation.The most popular nowadays yavlyayutsyaOrbit, Dirol, Eclipse, Dablmin.If you have an allergic reaction, then from her nuzhnootkazatsya forever.

Do not think that chewing gum replace brushing.Bezsoblyudeniya oral hygiene you can develop tooth decay.Therefore, you must chistitzuby twice a day and visit the dentist once a year to osmotra.Po desired, and once every six months.Work out clean mouth, it will increase Securityfunctions enamel.After ingestion rinse mouth necessarily polostvodoy or a special conditioner.And instead of gum you can eat delicious apple.

chew gum we do not ban.You can carry it when you need to take.But do not make a habit.Because chtochrezmernoe use gum may adversely affect your body.

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