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Proper diet for weight loss

Do not rely on the voices that promise us the right weight loss quickly and without harm, using miracle pills or devices.Tablets - not a panacea for weight gain.Why torment our bodies, when enough merely to observe the principles of proper nutrition.Of course, it's not as easy as it seems, but, with proper approach and a bit of imagination - not difficult.

not Socrates was right when he said: "We are not to live to eat, but eat to live."Everyone has the right to enjoy things available to him, including food.Therefore, the basis for this article, we take a different expression: "No one should violate the measure in any food, any food," - Pythagoras.Who does not like the ancient Greeks, strong and brave, sophisticated connoisseurs of food and women, the founder of medicine, to know about proper nutrition?

How to eat and not to fully recover?

to enjoy the food and thus lose weight should adhere to five basic rules of nutrition for weight loss:

  1. We are all in a hurry in the morning on her way.Until you wake up until the make up, hair do
    ne - and now it's time to go.What about breakfast?To hell with it, the less you eat, the better.And here and there, ladies.If you normally do not eat in the morning, then lunch and dinner naedites to satiety, and this is not helpful.Therefore, a good and a hearty breakfast consisting of carbohydrates and proteins - the best friend of a woman losing weight.Besides, it will not do, "snacks" before lunch.
  2. course, eat "all in a row" and lose weight at the same time it will not turn.A measure should be.Exclude from the diet of fatty foods.For example, you can easily replace the pork chicken.Eat more fruits and vegetables.This does not mean that your daily diet will consist of cabbage and asparagus, no.Should any meat dish a little thinned portion of vegetable salad and a basket of fruit.
  3. For lunch try to eat hot.Cheese or mushroom soup with a small amount of chicken, will give you energy for the whole day.You can take with you to work for a couple of meals.Cutlets, meatballs, boiled potatoes - this is not less tasty than fried foods, but is fundamentally different amount of calories.
  4. Eat after 18:00 harmful.In fact this is not true.More precisely, this truth is for those who are already at 20:00 rebound blows and falls asleep.Dinner, of course, should be the easiest of all meals.Cut your portion, removing foods that are digested stomach for a long time.You must eat at least 2 hours before lights out.It will easily digest food, and you fall asleep, feeling comfortable in the body.Therefore, if you go to, say, at 23:00, then you can have dinner at 8 or 9 pm.
  5. All the above is a supplement to the rule № 5. And it tells us one simple, but for many unobvious thing - get up from the table before you feel a little heaviness in the stomach.The problem is that our body reacts to the saturation of the food slowly and several reports this after 15 minutes, after reached the limit.

Do not rush to quickly absorb the food, listen to yourself.Learn how to get up from the table with a sense of easy hunger, which will be held in 15-30 minutes, will comply with the other rules that agree - quite complex, and within a couple of months feel like a completely different person.Emaciated, full of strength and energy!

Good nutrition rocket science, but it is always possible to learn and to feel healthy.

Menu for the week

The food is really huge, because the rules do not have significant limitations.Let's make a tasty and nutritious menu for the week, which, together with the principles of proper nutrition will allow without compromising the health to lose weight.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Breakfast: Omelet with chicken, juice, lettuce necessarily.There must be a lot of carbohydrates and proteins.

Lunch: Cream of mushroom soup or cheese, can be a small piece of bread.Welcome for a couple of dishes (burgers, boiled vegetables, chicken).Make sure fruits (bananas, apples, kiwi)

Dinner: Vegetable stew, fruit, juice.You can porridge (rice, buckwheat, oats), unless she had breakfast.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Breakfast: Porridge, which you can add fruit, tea and sugar.For porridge can add mushrooms or lean meat.Vegetable salad - always (Greek fit perfectly)

Lunch: mashed potatoes with salad and anything from boiled menu (meatballs for example).Fruits and vegetables - is necessary.

Dinner: Ideal fruit yogurt.If you do not gorged - it is possible a small chocolate bar or the same banana, steamed vegetables.

A balanced human diet - a guarantee of health



"The most important thing learned from the techniques of proper nutrition - you can eat almost everything, but away from the table need to train yourself to get up earlier than you feel that" enough. "For 3 monthsabsolutely not straining lost 8 kg. In the evening, on the recommendation, try to drink yogurt. If you do not gorge, then steamed vegetables perfectly saturated. Abdominal discomfort was gone. In general, I recommend to listen to these simple tips! "


"The discovery was that the body a feeling of fullness in just 15 minutes.I checked - true.Long could not bring myself to get up from the table before I feel that ate.But nothing, in a couple of days eating significantly less steel body is used.As a result: much of anything myself not limited to, dropped 3 kg.per month".