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Anna Semenovich, interviews

Say, you in fact adopted on the scoring of the snake at first listen - from a knowledge of the subject?
Yes, I did not do such a grand - just come to the audition, I was handed a sheet with the text, and I read it.I do not know, maybe the voice they liked my voice and went to?Can not you just say that this is generated, but it took me really soon.And if you talk about participation in the TV show associated with animals, I like it a lot, because I love all animals.
What animals love more?Do you already like would have a dog.
I love dogs - but in general many animals.I now have a Pomeranian, his name is La Marseillaise.
And his image, with some animals compare?
Frankly speaking, do not even know!Simply, I never on this, did not think, but the trot, not very much.
your character must have changed and become more robust since childhood?
I was a child was very patient and resilient child.I'm with three years became skating.And now it is clear that as a child I was constantly denied in all, ranging fr
om festivals to rebyatney and ending with food, I just missed him any time.Just imagine, every day I had already two training sessions on skating, but between them there was a school, and in the evening when I tumble into the house tired and sleepy, I had to deal with the lessons.Always mad at my parents for that deprived me of the simple joy of childhood.But now I understand everything, and they just become grateful for everything.
From figure skating - on the stage, the stage - in the movies.New developments in the profession are planned?
Well, just do not know.If I offer something new and exciting, I'm ready to try everything, because I want to live my life very interesting, and while I was still young, yet have the power and are not yet formed my family, why not try?
In the movie, when they go to the shooting days, how do you feel?Do you have enough knowledge, at this point you have?
Yes, probably, easy - I just stand and listen to the words of the director: advice, do not hesitate to ask, I have the right or not?I'm always been free - never been afraid of the camera - I was once a child accustomed to more communication with people.I always liked it.
You and glamorous socialite diva.Do not feel sorry for wasting time or do you still with a sense?
know, in show business every day are some activities, and if you constantly live such a life, you can just go crazy.If I have the mood to go somewhere, I'll go without thinking - it does not matter to me that in the event, as there will be the press.
appearance on the cover of non-stop talking about your demand.What gives you all this, because it takes a lot of time?
Nothing special!It's just my job.I do not like that many singers every day want to be constantly on the covers.I'm just a quiet person.
Tell me, if you meet a young man without religion and without condition, but he was able to seduce you.You do not look at his level of income?
course.Only here it is necessary to understand and my needs.It must always be older, I do not like when younger or the same age - I do not interesting to them.At least five years, he must be older than me.It would be nice if he made at me or a little more.That's all my requirements to men.