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The most correct diet

Dr. Ornish, who is a personal consultant dietitian family Bill Clinton, is the author of the so-called fat-free diet. (Though entirely without fat can not do, because they are in one degree or another are part of most products).Dr. Ornish Diet is based on the almost total elimination of the use of fats.The most correct diet is a diet Dean Ornish, suggesting the use of vegetarian food as well as products with low fat content, which should be about 10% in the daily diet.Diet fitness is accompanied, which greatly increases its effectiveness.It is also a good prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

essence Ornish diet

Ornish Diet severely limited intake of foods containing saturated fats and cholesterol.The basis of her make up herbal products, which contain complex carbohydrates.

typical picture Ornish diet - eto70% carbohydrates, 20% proteins and 10% fats.You should also give up bad habits and sports.

Classification of Products by Ornish

Dr. Ornish believes that the fight against the extra paddi

ng will help not only the limited use of calories, but exercise strict control power.He suspended all products are divided into three types: the products that are used in an unlimited number of products that are used in moderation, as well as products that are not recommended to be used at all.

The first category is the use of:

* legumes;

* cereal;

* vegetables and herbs;

* fruits and berries.

The second category is the use of:
* low-fat dairy products;

* cornflakes without sugar;

* crackers;

* egg whites.

Prohibited products

products fall under the ban, where the percentage of fat is more than 2 grams of per serving.These include:

* meat and fish;

* any kind of oil, margarine, fats, mayonnaise;

* all kinds of cheese;

* dairy products with a high percentage of fat;

* seeds and nuts;

* egg yolks;

* olives and avocados;

* alcohol.

ban imposed on the use of sugar and those products where it is found in large quantities.In extreme cases, you can simply limit.

Advantages Ornish diet
Thanks Ornish diet reduced blood cholesterol levels.It is shown that such a diet for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.After all, for the heart, but rather for its vessels are very harmful products having a white color, such as flour, salt, sugar, fat and pasta.The use of these products improves glucose.To reduce it, the pancreas begins to produce insulin, which negatively affects the body, because the calories under its influence are transformed into fat, which increases the risk of atherosclerosis.

Ornish Diet is not limited to mealtimes.There may be at the first requirement.

sensation of hunger eating fiber-rich foods.

Ornish diet is also a good prevention of various diseases.

Disadvantages Ornish diet

Due to low-fat diets may be a deficit of essential fatty acids, and can also slow down the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

If strictly priderzhivatsya Ornish diet, it can deprive the body known for their protective power monosaturated fats.

Subject Dr. Ornish diet, remember:

Eat fractional necessary.Rapidly emerging feeling of hunger can be satisfied by increasing the number of meals, but do not increase calories.

need for regular fitness

doctors recommend supplements, such as multivitamin B12, fish oil or flaxseed oil.

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