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New style of boho

Style Boho

He appeared in 2000, thanks to the famous Kate Moss, that she decided to pick up the outfit's production, tired of the design proposals.She wore just not suitable to place objects, but in its own interest and their way of furor.Kate liked the open style, it began to continue experimenting, discovering new ways of combining and combinations of shirts and boots with short dresses, shorts with casual clothes.Boho ancestor was the American style of dress.

Style name comes from the word bohemian, or bohemian, they are often used in the last century, describing the luxurious society.This word comes from the name of the country of Bohemia, which was not the state, and the area of ​​Austria-Hungary, the German, the Czech Republic.In this area we live mainly Roma, who only did what they sang songs with a guitar, having fun.These people did not obey the generally accepted rules and values.The French began to call "bohemian", meeting artists, musicians, writers, poets when they hinted at their idlen
ess.These people want to live a carefree life.Later the company became known as the bohemian art lovers, boho style continues this tradition.

to dress in accordance with this style, it is not necessary to use a stylish and expensive things.We need to find common, but quite pleasant and nice in isolation from each other things and combine them into a single image.You probably agree that good rubber boots with strong soles, if they are bright colors are good in bad weather, they can even walk in the city.Short breeches look good in the heat, but if you combine them with boots, you get a style of boho clothing.Combinations to be more interesting and more complicated, because the whole image is important.

Style Boho means your delicate taste and passion for the art design that you thus embody.He gives great opportunities and much required.It's easy to put yourself silly if not will put stylish, combining the oldest of the 60's with accessories from Gucci.Not always can be combined into a single image different styles of clothing.At different stages of the formation of this style it was layered loose clothing made from natural fabrics.Blouses and shirts decorated with lace, long skirts with ruffles, frayed jeans.

principles style dress
  • materials should be natural, and better use of synthetic fur.Often fans boho style declared his love for nature.
  • simplicity and brightness.Very frilly things do not suit you.But cheap and simple everyday things better suit you.
  • ease and convenience.The reason for the boho style - it's easy, you need to follow this style, but do not drive themselves into the framework of uncomfortable clothes, and make life pleasant and easy.
This style is suitable for those who want to create outfits for themselves.You can use unnecessary clothes in the closet and add to it someone's gift or haphazard buying on sale, such as a bag by Louis Vuitton, which is not suited to either your dress.

Where to look for things to Boho?
in second-hand shops can find something vintage.On the mezzanine, where my mother and grandmother kept the things you can find real treasures.The sewing machine, a hook will come to your aid.At flea markets you can find vintage jewelry, decorative buttons, ribbons and vintage lace.

Be boho expensive, because things made of natural materials are much more expensive things from synthetic fabrics.To master this art, you need to follow the rules:
  • The most expensive costume items must be jewelry, shoes, bags.
  • skillfully perform a mixture of styles, but not blindly copy designer clothes.
  • chooses that emphasizes your strengths.
  • pay attention to details, they make the image complete.
Currently boho style characterizes the people who take a proactive stance in relation to the outside world.This animal rights activists, environmentalists, vegetarians.These people value their individuality, self-expression and freedom.These people live in harmony with the world and are acutely aware of their place in it.