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Demi Moore: A Biography

Biography Demi Moore

on the set Demi Moore brought her mother, who had ties to television and helped my daughter get the role in the television series "General Hospital."While Demi Moore is addicted to drugs.Within three years of her life took place in the heat of Hollywood parties, where they had sex and used drugs.In 1985, Schumacher suggested Demi director to star in the role of Julie in the film "St. Elmo's fire," but in return he demanded that she quit drugs.Demi took a full course of treatment and has yet to take drugs.A year later, she starred in the movie "Uyzdom" as a gangster girlfriend, who fancied himself a Robin Hood.Everywhere Demi provided as 2nd plan, they did not bring her any success.The main role went to her in the film "The Seventh Eclipse".


World Demi Moore gained popularity in the early 1990s.Commercial success was the film "Ghost," in which she starred with Patrick Swayze major role.After that she has starred in several successful films starring.Demi was the

first Hollywood young actress, whose fee for the film exceeded 10 million dollars, it was considered at the time one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood.Many directors wanted to see in his paintings talented actress.In 1997, Demi Moore after the film "If These Walls Could Talk" got the nomination for the award "Golden Globe".

significant role

first notable role was in the film "Bringing".In 1992 came the film "A Few Good Men" with its participation.A year later, she starred in the movie "Indecent Proposal", the picture has exceeded budget film seven times, was a great success, but despite this, he was awarded the "Golden Raspberry", he acknowledged the worst film of the year.In 1994, Demi, along with actor Michael Douglas starred in "Disclosure."

After a short break in the career of Moore starred in "Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle" in supporting roles.In 2006 he starred in the film "Bobby" in a small role, in which she co-starred with Ashton Kutcher, her husband.A year later, she starred in the thriller "Who are you, Mr. Brooks."

Demi Moore is still in great demand, in films where the need of a woman who knows how to stand up for themselves.It really embodies the traits that help women to compete with men on an equal footing.The great success of the movie "GI Jane," another proof that a woman can overcome all the difficulties of life.But in spite of the stoicism of her heroine, whose body and face turns into a solid bruise, the film proves that women in these parts do nothing.

Interesting facts

  • Demi seriously engaged in collecting dolls.In the future, she wants to open a doll museum.
  • Demi Moore has broken all records of Hollywood actresses on the covers of glossy magazines for various demonstrations nudity.
  • famous actress came to the evening show in a bathing suit, arguing that can ideally play in the movie "Striptease" stripper.


In 1980, she married Freddy Moore.In this marriage the couple lived for 5 years and divorced.After 2 years, the actress married the famous Hollywood actor Bruce Willis.At the star couple's daughter was born 3.In 2005, Demi Moore married the famous actor Ashton Kutcher.In 2011 they divorced.


Currently Demi starred in mostly independent films, starring the 2nd Plan.She does not have any plans for the future.The main thing for an actress to delight fans of good play in good movies.