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Adriano Celentano: biography

Biography Adriano

the age of twelve Celentano had to quit school and go to work as an apprentice in the workshop at the watchmaker.Around 1954 the young man began to write and perform their own compositions.The first official appearance on the scene Celentano was May 18, 1957 at the Ice Palace in Milan.He, along with a group of Rock Boys took part in the Italian festival of rock 'n' roll.In 1958, Adriano won at a music festival in the city of Ancona, and a year later the company Jolly has issued a contract with him and published his first professional studio album.


In 1961 Celentano first time participated in a music festival in San Remo.Then, he was awarded second place, although his song «Ventiquattromila baci» immediately climbed to the top of the charts and its recognized as the best song of the decade in Italy.Later, three more times the singer participated in the festival, but only with the fourth attempt to win.It happened in 1970, when he sang a duet with his wife - actre

ss and singer Claudia Mori.


In 1962 was released the first 45-minute album Adriano Celentano, entitled «Stai lontana da me».All of his subsequent albums («Furore», «Uno strano tipo», «Peppermint twist», «Non mi dir») were not neglected by the world's music lovers.In 1967 Celentano recorded in the studio very hit songs with pieces all over the world under the name «La coppia piu bella del mondo» («beautiful couple in the world").Her great singer sang with his wife.His next disc «Adriano Rock» (1968) immediately and permanently headed hits.

great popularity in the 70s used the singles Celentano «Un albero di trenta piani», «Bellissima», «Prisencolinensinainciusol», «Ti avro», «Il tempo se ne va», «Soli».The track «Prisencolinensinainciusol» (it is now called the forerunner of rap) long was on the first lines of the European charts even been mentioned in popular American charts.«Soli» - one of the brightest and most interesting albums throughout his career Celentano.

It is the fruit of his close cooperation with Toto Cutugno.From 1978 to 1979 he held the record as much as 58 weeks in the famous Italian pop charts.It is not surprising that a full-scale tour Celentano Italian cities (mainly performances took place at the stadium) has always had just sold out.

film career

As an actor, Adriano starred in the film 41, 4 of which are orchestrated himself.He began his cinematic career of one year from the beginning of the musical activity.In early 1959, he starred in his first film directed by Lucio Fulci "Guys and a jukebox."The next film was the creation of Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita".There Adriano played the role of a rock singer.

his directorial debut - a film titled "Superograblenie in Milan."In it has played and his wife Claudia Mori and best friends.The picture is a parody of the then popular gangster comedy.Up until 1969 Celentano battered only occasional musical role for him do not carry any popularity.An important turn in the career of Adriano - the movie "Serafino", was directed by Pietro Germi.In the picture outlined lyrical story country boy - a little stupid, but with a kind and loving heart.This is his first serious and profound role in the famous film director in those years.After the release of "Serafino" Adriano was the star in a movie every year.Every year in rolling out the film (and sometimes two) with his participation.


Adriano Celentano with his future wife met on the set of the painting "A strange type."His choice was an actress and singer Claudia Mori.July 14, 1964 Young secretly got married in the church of St. Francis in the town of Grosseto.Claudia is also the executive director of the company "Clan Celentano."The couple have three children: daughters Rosita and Rosalind and son Giacomo.Son Celentano also a singer, and Rosalind - known actress.In 2002, Adriano was the grandfather - his grandson was born Samuel.Up to the present moment is the only grandson of Celentano.

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