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George Zhzhenov: biography

Circus and cinema

From an early age George Stepanovich showed great interest in the circus, the theater, and then to the cinema.This is what influenced his subsequent choices.George Zhzhenov in school with physics and mathematics, studied up to seventh grade, he decided that technical education would not be able to send it to the way in which he would have wanted to go further in life.In 1930 G.Zhzhenov decided to try his luck on the creative path, and becausein 15 years it has little what could count, George took the documents of his brother Boris, who was his senior by two years to go to Leningrad Variety and circus acrobatics College of secession.Later it was discovered the trick, but the administration of the institution and the teachers took this "joke" very favorably.

Learning a sophomore college G.Zhzhenov with his classmate George Smirnov put cascading acrobatic number called "Chinese Buffet", which later became the circus "Chapiteau" in Leningrad under the pseudonym of "2-Georges-2".

In one of his speeches Zhzhenov workers noticed the studios.In 1932, he received an invitation to filming Edward Johanson "error character", which played the role of a tractor driver Pasha Vetrov.This painting was also the debut for the great Russian actor Efim Kopelyan.

After shooting at Iogansna, burning decided to continue to engage in acting profession, so at the end of variety-circus college, he entered the Leningrad Institute of Performing Arts at the office, ready to film actors.


Before becoming famous, burning arrest and survived 3 3 links.However, in conclusion, he actively participated in theater productions.The first work that brought fame G.Zhzhenovu became a bit part in the 1966 film "Beware of the Car", the actor played him inspector, and played so brilliantly that the audience no less memorable performers of the main roles.

then another memorable work was the main role of the actor in the film "Road to 'Saturn'" and "End" Saturn "."

Later G.Zhzhenov moved to Moscow (1968)., And enters the theater Mossovet, which over the years of work they have been played more than a hundred roles.

Truly G.Zhzhenova considered the high point in the film Benjamin Dorman "Error Rezidnta", released in 1968.There G.Zhzhenovu got the role of Count Tureva, who emigrated from Russia at an early age, and who later became a spy code-named "Hope", which was sent to a very difficult and dangerous mission in the Soviet Union.The picture was an unprecedented success, it has been so well accepted by the audience, that two years later, in 1970, came the sequel, titled "The Fate of a resident."Continued was no less successful, resulting in twelve years after the second film, in 1982 Benjamin Dorman was removed on the third film Tureve resident, titled "Return of the resident," and in 1986, entered the final part of the story, "The End of the operationResident ".

Other roles in the biography of George Zhzhenov

Total Zhzhenov George Stepanovich has been played more than 70 roles in cinema and a variety of roles on the stage.Many movies with this actor are steadfast love and now viewers.One of the strengths of his work is considered to be the role of Willie Stark in "All the King's Men," where the actor was able to show a truly strong and strong-willed character of the character.

In 1975, the actor was awarded the State Prize of the RSFSR behalf of the Vasilyev brothers for the role of General Bessonova in the film "Hot Snow", which was filmed on the novel Yu.Bondareva.

Zhzhenov George Stepanovich died on the 91st year of his life, he died Dec. 8, 2001, he lived a difficult but certainly an interesting life, giving its viewers a movie that will forever recorded in the number of Russian cinema classics.

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