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Actress Eugene Dmitriev

Creative achievements

But this work is not limited to theater.Evgenia Dmitrieva cooperating with Theatre Association "814" Oleg Menshikov.She played roles in productions of "Kitchen" and "Woe from Wit".In 2005, the actress invited the British director Declan Donnellan in the play "Three Sisters" in the role of Olga.Eugene plays entreprise "The Pickwick Club" (Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov) and Tatiana Dogileva.

landmark for the actress was the role in the feature film "Zaza" by director Andrei Silkin.The plot is as follows: Azalea V. (actress Dmitriev) arrives in Moscow to visit seventeen student - the son of Nikita.At the station, she meets a young glamor guy Anton.Accidentally it turns out that Anton lives in the same house as a son.Between Antonio and azaleas, whose name is just Zaza, inflames true love, which plunges into the world of both experiments and love interests.

For this film was held in 2009 in Khanty-Mansiysk Festival "Spirit of Fire", which specializes in cinematic debut, Evgenia

Dmitrieva won the honorary prize named after Alexander Abdulov.He rewarded "for Best Actress in the domestic debut film."In the same film in the panorama "Russian debuts' work rewarded actress prize" Audience Award ".

way to the stage

itself Eugene calls himself an impostor.Path to the actress began in Kozhukhova a theater studio in the House of creativity.With teachers obviously lucky.Head Studio ZPSkudar sought in each child to develop hidden talents.This apparent ease and admission to the legendary "Sliver."No special preparation and without much excitement before the examiners read a nursery rhyme ... and enrolled in a course NAVereschenko.During his studies, the young actress Eugenia became friends with the famous pedagogue Rimma Gavrilovna Solntseva.After training Dmitriev invited Hubenko, Kalyagin.But on the advice of Rima Gavrilova chose theater Yuri Solomin.

new stage of creativity began with Oleg Menshikov and his partnership "814".Call Marat Basharova with an invitation to play "Woe from Wit" for two years the actress returned to the atmosphere of student days.In parallel, there was intensive work in film productions.

can say that the role of other significant projects in British director Declan Donnellan has happened by accident.He has not been able to decide on the candidates for the role of Olga in Chekhov's "Three Sisters."Evgenia Dmitrieva parallel starred in a movie, and I could not pay much attention to the theater project.But it was "casting a hurry" drew its living entity, which like the well-known director.As a result - the world tour and weeping Juliette Binoche in Paris' Le Zhemo. "

But the biggest thrill actress caused a long-awaited, unexpected invitation to the Moscow Art Theatre.Directed by Yevgeny Pisarev "Pickwick Club" in Eugene for the first time in my life my knees were shaking.

Top Movies

«Chinese service" in 1999, the role of Fufyginoy.

«Farewell echo" 2003 first starring role: Alla.

«Full speed ahead!" In 2004, the main role: Valentine Kokareva.

«Aliens» 2006, the main role of Elena Melnikova.

«Taxi for Angel" in 2006, the main role: Theodore Tropinin.

«Three polugratsii" in 2006, the main role of Natalia Tropinin.

«Husband for an hour" in 2007, the main role of Lisa.

«Atlantis» 2007-8, the main role: Alla Zavalova.

«Zaza" in 2008, the main role: Azalia Viktorovna.

«Do not deny him love ..." 2008, the role of Lina.

«Rage» 2011, the main role: Irina Nevzorov.

«Last Love" in 2012, the main role of Lida.

The production of the film "The Perfect Marriage", "cop".

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