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Beloved pet of Hollywood stars

Zasvoimi animals Stars care is much better than we, the ordinary people.They pokupayutim clothing, visit beauty salons for animals.Now more podrobnorassmotrim, as any little friends prefer to Hollywood stars.

Nesekret that are very popular dog.They are considered drugomcheloveka.

Vsemizvestnaya actress, heroine of the saga "Twilight" Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart iee mother are avid dog who is half wolf.Onalyubit their dogs, and always responds positively to them.She Considered very gentle, kind, faithful and obedient animals.

Beloved pet of Hollywood stars UAmandy Seyfried has a four-legged loyal man, whose name is Finn.He accompanies her kazhdyyraz in walks.Amanda said Fina your little prince sogromnym heart

have Miley Cyrus has mnogopitomtsev, no less, and dogs.She loves her little friends, even eslipri wedding with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth they sign a prenuptial agreement, then it will prisutstvovatpunkt that in the case of the collapse of the relationship custody of the dogs will go to her.Oniostanutsya with her

, since she loves them and does not want to part with them in any case.Miley so much loves his little friends, that every time it updates the Twitter new photos with them.She takzhene stops on their already acquired a dog, almost every month onaberet new pet.But most of all she loves her mini husky, his zovutFloyd.Milo about 12 dogs, 12 birds (among them there are 1 talking parrot) 3kota and 7 horses.

Kelly Osbourne also has a beloved pet, kotorogoona received as a gift from her father on his birthday.I called him Sid.She schitaetsvoego little friend faithful dog and a little vain.

Despite its image as a hero and rescuer of the world SilvestrStallone got himself Pomeranian, whom he called Fergie.

actress Jennifer Aniston recently lost svoegovernogo little friend.It virtually never parted them, bralaego even on the set or on any TV show.His name was Norman.Dzhennifertyazhelo tolerate its loss.

young singer and actress Selena Gomez also obozhaetsobak.She got himself four dogs, which called Willy, Wallace, Chip and Fiona.But Selena can not part with his new friend, whom onapodobrala outside.I call him at Baylor.She often walks with him and redkorasstaetsya with this little friend.

stars also love to bring unusual zhivotnyh.Naprimer, George Clooney was a pig.Onavesila about 135 kilograms and his name was Max.George loved so much svoegoMaksa that he allowed him to sleep in his bed.Unfortunately his pig umerlav 2006.

And Michael Jackson was a favorite monkey, but he remained onanedolgo.Soon Michael had to part with him.

have Nicolas Cage as pets have dvekorolevskie Cobra and Octopus.He adores his little, but predatory friends.

Penelope Cruz madly in love with cats.Therefore onazavela currently about 5 cats, two of whom live with her, and the mother of three.She ravnokakie all they ordinary or pedigree.She believes that these little sozdaniyamogut feel the mood of the hostess and can understand and comfort her.

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