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Daphne Guinness - British style icon

This woman is known in the world's fashion circles, she is the muse of famous designers, listen to her opinion, her style is copied (despite its ambiguity epatozhnast and fashionable image).Her extraordinary fashion vision, different from what is considered fashionable.

Despite his aristocratic background, successful marriage and three children, she has not turned into an ordinary aristocrat.Her ancestors - those legendary Guinness, who once came up with the same name of the book of records.From early childhood, girls are brought up in the strict traditions of the aristocratic, she spent her summer vacation in the company Mans Reyya and Salvador Dali.Surrealism influenced the taste of its formation.

Daphne Guinness - British style icon

In her youth she had married a Greek billionaire Spiros Niarhosa.Since then, the Daphne fully devoted herself to family and child-rearing, she preferred the unknown brands and conservative clothing (but still in my heart she preferred eccentric).Guinness once confessed that she and her husband had little
in common, because it is engaged in politics, and it is a family.

Eventually she tired of married life, she divorced her husband received 20 million. Compensation and began to engage in what she had dreamed of for many years.I began to actively attend the fashion event, to design, produce films and acting in them, as well as actively engage in charity, to help gifted young people.

Despite his previous marriage, she managed dissolved in motherhood, and when the children have grown up watching and start their self-realization, very quickly and her face appeared on the covers of many well-known fashion magazines.Daphne is a wonderful mother, and despite the fact that it is paid to your children a little time, none of them complained about the lack of attention from the mother.

Daphne Guinness - British style icon

Now Guinness is a very influential woman in the fashion world, it also collects clothes and jewelry.Despite the fact that her 40 she does not feel old, do not want to change something in the past, she was happy with my life.Daphne winner slim figure and she does not hide that follows certain traditions and taste preferences.

Despite the fact that she prefers high fashion designer and collector of things from time to time she buys things in ordinary shops.If she likes the kind of thing, and it it is great that it is sewn Daphne and customize to fit your parameters.Guinness likes to wear your favorite things for many years, adding to its seemingly unusual accessories in a known manner, thereby adding to the novelty of the image itself.This woman is a perfect example of how you can combine your favorite business and education of children.

few tips from Daphne Guinness

Look for your image, make it trivial and Be able to stick with it.It was their way - that individuality which makes human fashion.

man who understands the style will always look dazzling at the same time he did not have to bother with the question what to wear, because in ordinary things it will look good.The most important thing to wear is not stifled individuality.

Never follow a strictly fashion trends, they only need to listen a little on the question of creating an image to listen to your intuition and heart.

If you want to stand out from the crowd (in a good sense of the word) wear what you like, no one should dictate to you what is fashionable and what is not, play by the rules.