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Mario Casas - Spanish macho

So far, this young actor is no special recognition (voted "Best Young Actor" and won the award Premios ACE), but he already has the love of millions of fans around the world.In his official fan club has already registered half a million fans.Mario is not only beautiful, but also talented.

Mario was born in northern Spain.From early childhood, he began acting in commercials as well as moonlighting model.For some time wanted to be a journalist and made his way in this field, then I dreamed of becoming a firefighter, but eventually he decided to become an actor.

First he played a minor role in a Spanish series.Mario does not hide that he initially invited to star in the series solely because of its attractiveness.

Mario Casas - Spanish macho

After that he was invited to play in the series "personal reasons."In this series he starred for two seasons, and he was lucky - he himself remarked Antonio Banderas.Promising 18-year-old actor Banderas invited to the shooting of his film "Summer rain".Mario later told reporters tha
t the shooting in this movie was his first major cinematic experience.Since then, he has relations with Banderas.From time to time he calls up to him.

Then he starred in two Spanish blockbuster "Brain Drain" and "Sex, Party and Lies".Once on the screens released film "Three meters above the sky" (2010) he woke megapopular not only at home (before he was popular at home), but fame and fortune as himself admits Mario onit is not affected.In this film, he played a good villain Aceh.As recognized actor, it is very difficult to give up this way of life.

In numerous interviews, he says that the family is the most important for him.The names of the parents and all his brothers captured tattooed on his body.The very same actor dreams that one day he met a girl who would respect the family traditions, and bear him three children.As for his personal life, that Mario does not like to dwell on it (he is now meeting with co-star, make it a popular, Maria Valverde).Recently in the press there are many publications that if Mario parted with Maria, but he says that's not true.

After shooting in the mega popular sequel "Three meters above the sky", he starred in the movie "Neon flesh".A year later, he appeared in a fantastic picture of "Ark".Now he starred in the TV series "The Ship."For the filming of the show, he specifically learned to ride a surfboard.

popularity, which came to Mario, forced him to reconsider some of their professional moments.Now it before to agree to participate in a particular project, carefully reread the script and only when he liked, taken for the shooting.The actor says that before he liked to play the role of the bad guys and daring, which is not alien romance.Now everything has changed, it has grown from these images, he wants to have something different.

Mario is a member of the Charity Foundation Jose Carreras, which helps sick children.Besides acting career Casas also removed for glossy magazines.In his free time, he spends much time with friends.He lives oddly Mario with his parents in Madrid.Here's a he, Mario Casas, a rising star of Spanish cinema.Easy-to-man conversation with exceptional physical characteristics, as well as with a clear dramatic talent.

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