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Star wedding 2012

Jessica Biel and DzhastinTimberleyk

iDzhastin Timberlake Jessica Biel for the ceremony decided to get away otGollivuda - namely, Italy.Selection of future newlyweds gostey.Im had surprised even their own to get to Frankfurt and then ihdostavili in Naples, and then - in Apulia.

This pair has come a long way in the 5 years before ihofitsialnogo wedding, which took place as recently as October 19, 2012,.Judging from photographs taken nasvadbe, their secret marriage was not so and secret.At the wedding we were invited 150 guests, but itorzhestvennosti and splendor it was not to occupy.Shortly before the wedding, when all the guests have arrived náměstí her of Justin and Bill arranged a beach party with fireworks.

evening of October 19 Bilpredstala before her future husband in Giambattista Valli dress with a bouquet of izromashek, ruskus and buttercups.As she walked down the aisle, Justin performed for neeserenadu his own, and then they stood under the arch, ukrashennuyuzhivymi flowers and uttere

d vows of eternal love.

Meet the couple began as far back as of 2007.After 4 years they have left.Their gap was short-lived and soon onisnova renewed relationship.In 2011, when they went together nagornolyzhny resort in Wyoming, Justin made her an offer.

Santa Dimopoulos Vladimir Samsonenko

former lead singer of Viagra and eevozlyublenny Vladimir Samsonenko played a magnificent wedding.Like predyduscheypary, their choice fell on Italy.Both the marriage was the second in a row.Sraznitsey at the age of 8 years they made a feast on the 7th floor in rimskomrestorane La Pergola.It lasted for three days.But first, podobnoamerikanskim wedding, all the guests gathered on the day before the ceremony iustroili her rehearsal.At rehearsal Santa Dimopoulos put on a red dress vgrecheskom style.At the ceremony, she appeared in a magnificent white dress with a train from Vera Wang, kotorogobyla value of not less than $ 10,000.Also, in addition to the dress earrings steel sbrilyantami donated her birthday Vladimir.The wedding took place 18sentyabrya in a villa in a suburb of Rome.

vremyaSanta After a brilliantly dressed in a short dress and threw a bridal bouquet.Samoybystroy was the model Natalia Okunskaya, concurrently it blizkayapodruga.It is this and his words.Guests were treated to seafood izakuskami.His speech they pleased Timothy, the group Hi-Fi and AleksandrRevva.

sredipriglashennyh On the third day there were only close relatives and friends.

EnnHeteuey and Adam Shulman

Wedding Ann Heteeuey idizaynera Adam Shulman was also held on "Hurrah."This is not surprising, vedorganizatorom ceremony began Yifat Oren, which is very popular in stellar circles.The wedding took place 29sentyabrya through 5 years after they met.

Sometimes takogograndioznogo events they rented mansion near Big Sur, kotoroeraspolozheno high on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

bride had sewed samimValentino and commissioned at a cost of $ 50,000.Sewn by hand in pink tulle, it is not eye-catching moglone guests, and there were 180 people.They okazalisvesma talkative, and after the ceremony blabbed reporters all the nuances ipodrobnosti ceremony.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Anne Hathaway shared her thoughts popovodu his desire to have a baby soon.According to her, their gardens took a little time to figure out what they like drugdruga.Up to a point, Adam thought that Anne heart is already taken, and she, in turn, was mistaken about its IPO marital status.When all cleared and fell svoimesta, they were very happy that they are now nothing will prevent polnotsennoyparoy be.

Before meeting with Anne AdamomShulmanom was disappointed his personal life, as her chetyrehletnieotnosheniya with Italian businessman Raffaello Foleri were napolnenyperezhivaniyami and jealousy on the part of the latter.They ended bolshimdenezhnym deception.Using the name of the actress, he transferred to his account 50millionov dollars that have been allocated for the construction of katolicheskihtserkvey.Having grown rich in a hurry, he quickly landed in jail.Chereznekotoroe after these failed relationships, Hathaway and met svoegoskazochnogo Prince Adam Shulman.

Snatkina Anna and Victor Vasiliev

Marriage letneyAnny Snatkina 29 and 37 year old Victor Vasiliev took place on 12 of November.Unlikefrom previous pairs, they decided not to delay the entry into marriage and married vgod his acquaintance.On etomeropriyatie came more than a hundred people.I must say, anyone anyhow in St. Petersburg Summer Palace is not puskali.Kazhdy guest should submit an invitation.

svadbasostoyalas Since the autumn, the white dress with a train decorated fur cape.Dress bylopridumano and drawn very Anna.When choosing a suit for the groom had many dumatne.Victor put klassicheskiycherny suit with white shirt bezgalstuka.

showman Dmitry Hrustalevsygral this evening the role of toastmaster.Nasvadbu he arrived with a party Comedy Women Catherine Barnabas.Kakchasto happens, the bride's bouquet went to her close friend.As mestadlya honeymoon couple chose the Maldives.

suspicions chtomezhdu Snatkina Anna and Victor Vasiliev became romantically involved after their joint appearance at the award ceremony "Nika" .Zhurnalu "OK!" Snatkina reported that they are very close in spirit and obedinyayutobschie views on many things.There was a rumor that soon the family budetpopolnenie.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

After 11 months, first relationship, September 14, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lovely decided zakrepitsvoi relations stamp in the passport.The wedding ceremony was held at the Boone Hall Plantation in prigorodeCharlstona.Needless to conduct the ceremony was kept secret, but in all posledniymoment revealed.Agree, it is very difficult not to draw attention to the fact that all the close relatives and friends, including Bette Midler and Christian Louboutin suddenly began to arrive at the same time in Charleston.Journalists srazuraznyuhali that will soon take place is no longer a secret marriage.

little sacrament ihsohranit still managed.Reporters have not got pictures stseremonii.The only thing we found out is the fact that the wedding tortprivezli from Virginia, and that was present at the festival Florence Welch, who sang three songs for them.

Their relationship razvivalisochen rapidly.Znamenatelnoeznakomstvo took place in the film "Green Lantern" back in 2010.Poslovam Blake, she immediately in love with him, but at that time it could only bytemu another, as Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson.Summer 2011 g.Layvli threw her boyfriend DiCaprio and Reynolds divorced.In the autumn onistali meet.Six months later, we decided to live together.

Chadov Alex and Agnes Ditkovskite

truly secret bylasvadba Agnes Ditkovskite and AlekseyaChadova, which took place on 24th August this year.The ceremony prisutstvovalitolko close friends and relatives.According to the canons of the wedding, the groom was vklassicheskom a suit and the bride - in a dress with a fluffy skirt.

Since svadbavse still Russian, not without the traditional competitions.Festival prodolzhalosdo late at night, or rather early morning.The most interesting thing was the video showing the newlyweds with declarations lyubvidrug other.

For reference: the couple together in 2007.

Actress Ditkovskite iakter Chadov met at semkahfilma "Heat".At first, they played two lovers on the set, takkak this script demanded.Behind the scenes, as it often happens with actors, staging sense degenerated into real.

couple decided not to hide his affair and the fact wherewith they had decided to live together.After three years of civil marriage, the couple announced svoemraspade.Many argue that in fact the separation itself is not bylo.Prosto lovers decide to hide their relationship from intrusive media.

DryuBerrimor and Will Kopelman

Before dating santikvarom Will Drew Kopelmanom relationship with the opposite sex, to put it mildly, did not develop.During her engagement plechamitri who never finished the wedding, more than a dozen novels Idwal marriage that ended in divorce.

For Kopelman Drew went out, being in an interesting position.To perform the marriage ceremony paravybrala estate Barrymore in California.Gosteybylo bit, including her friend Cameron Diaz and Steven Spielberg.

couple tried to do my best to the paparazzi do not sniff about ihsvadbe and they succeeded.We only know that the bride had sewed nazakaz by Chanel.To the ceremony has retained its mystery bylpostroen huge tent, which led to a special corridor.

2iyunya wedding took place, 5 months after the official declaration of engagement on protyazheniikotoryh Drew wore a diamond engagement ring.By the way, kamenbyl rather big, as much in 4 carats.

Already in February this zhegoda the couple appeared firstborn - a girl who was christened Olivia.

Olga and Dmitri Tarasov Buzova

June this year marked the wedding presenter show "Dom-2" and Olga Buzov player Dmitry Tarasov.The couple drove to Moscow over marriage to a white Rolls-Royce.White carried the bride's train dveplemyannitsy Dmitry Tarasov.It should be noted that Olga decided not to sohranyatsvoyu famous name and take her husband's name.The ceremony was attended by about 70 people, who after ofitsialnoychasti went to celebrate this event on the ship "Swallow".Among the guests, of course, attended by colleagues Ksenia Borodina, who came to the wedding not one, but with svoimvozlyublennym "Michael Terehin.Takzhene without its players, friends of the groom.

According lovers who, by the way, started dating a year ago, at first they did not make much of an impression each morrow.Olga Dmitry considered frivolous guy kotoryyprivyk take everything from life.Tarasov also surprised by the behavior of Olga, who talked loudly and laughed temsamym attracting the attention of all visitors to the restaurant.

The next day posleznakomstva Olga sent him SMS.From that moment we began to develop ihotnosheniya.And although at the time Dmitriyvse still officially married and had a daughter, he was like three months lived odin.Poetomu this did not prevent the development of their relations.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas

At the time of his marriage AlekuBolduinu was 54, and his fiancee, yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas - only 28.

June 30 at St. Patrick katolicheskomsobore couple exchanged ringsand vows eternal lyubvi.Izvestno that the groom's tuxedo was sewn in the fashion house named Tom Ford and platenevesty booked in the studio Amsale.

The couple said that in the next time, plans to have children.Photos from the wedding ceremony have been sold to the publication «Hello!» Themselves as newlyweds.

Recall that their svadbasostoyalas three months after the engagement.Until the official statement about the desire to tie the knot, ihotnosheniya developed very rapidly.