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Nicholas Basque and Oxana Fedorova

How proizoshelrazryv: Nikolai Baskov parted on the concert.

brightest couple in the entertainment business thought Oxana Fedorova and NikolayaBaskova.Star novel gaining momentum at such a pace that the singer sdelalpredlozhenie marry him directly to your favorite music festival vYurmale.But the wedding did not happen ... In spring 2011 godaoni ceased to be a couple.Nicholas suddenly announced this event right breasts (recital Igor Nikolaev was held at the Kremlin Palace).Posleznamenitoy composition "Dolphin and Mermaid", "The Golden Voice of Russia" reported vsemprisutstvuyuschim that he and Oksana are no longer together, and that at least iprodolzhat act together, each has its own personal life.However, it was a real shock for Oxana Fedorova.She said that she could not even ipredpolozhit of these developments and furthermore that all proizoydettakim way, in front of all the spectators.After this unpleasant sobytiyateleveduschaya decided that in future it wil

l be a secret love life.Because when Fedorov still married, then her colleagues and the press found out about etomuzhe after the fact.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

How proizoshelrazryv: through the media.

Tom Cruise has proved to be much of invention.Nicole Kidman, his second wife poschetu, as well as their adopted children - Isabella and Connor - predstoyaschemrazvode learned about from the news ....Tom did not even bother to explain the reason for the gap, areshenie adopted without informing his wife know.All the details of divorce Nikoluzhe engaged with their lawyers.The worst thing was that Kidman had bylaberemenna, but because of the emotions and nerves suffered a miscarriage.Tom Kruztogda starred in the movie "Vanilla Sky" and was fascinated by his colleague PenelopoyKrus, which is why it is claimed that there is no relationship to this child neimeet. Later was performed genetic analysis that podtverdilatot fact that he was the father of the unborn child. Because ofwhat he takzhestoko went towards his woman with whom he had spent together 10 years, remained a mystery until now. possible the option that Cruz podozrevalNikol treason, otherwise, why would he or would acknowledge paternity?

Kate Mossand Johnny Depp

How proizoshelrazryv Johnny added a drop of honey.

All izvestnaistoriya about how in 1998, Johnny Depp fell in love with Vanessa Paradis bukvalnos first sight. The only person who's reaction dalekone with emotion,was Kate Moss. At that time it was she who was ofitsialnoypodruzhkoy Johnny. She flattered hope to marry him, and even raspisyvalasne only as "Depp, Kate."When Depp left her, Kate nearly lost otperedozirovki drugs and alcohol, so it has affected nursing favorite.Posleetogo she went to the clinic for rehabilitation, and completely dobrovolno.Kak a time when the model is engaged in meditation in his room, it went isoobschili that awaited her outside the gates of a luxury sports car.Naturally, Kate decided that the wheel is Johnny Depp.She exclaimed, chtonakonets something her Johnny came back to her, and rushed outside to fall vobyatiya lover.In a hurry, she did not even notice as one of the goryaschihsvechey meditation capsized ... Further there was a serious fire in hodekotorogo, fortunately, nobody was hurt.Well, it turned out that it bylproschalny gift and did not conciliatory.

Angelica and Nikolai Agurbash

How proizoshelrazryv: Angelica received a subpoena.

summer of 2012, crawled a rumor that Angelica and the owner and founder of "Mortadel" Nicholas, going to divorce.Finally tired of beskonechnyhssor and scandals with her husband, the singer slipped into separate apartments and vernulaobruchalnoe ring.In a press interview Angelica said that part namerenamirno, but as it turned out, her husband had other plans in this regard.Pevitsupoverg shock call from the court, the meaning of which was that it should be the uzhena third (!) Court hearing where the divorce case is solved.Of course, for her etobylo as the second coming.That she shared with the magazine Hello !.As a result of the court all sovmestnonazhitoe property left behind Nicholas.As the actress said she netolko worked very hard and performed, as well as significantly helped her husband sbiznesom participated in its development, but for some reason, was left with nothing.Etosoobschenie was in an interview with the magazine OK !.Later the singer planiruetobzhalovat the decision of the court, because they are sure that the next step will be their son byvshegomuzha anatase.

Naomi Campbell and Joaquin Cortes

How proizoshelrazryv Cortez unfaithful to his wife with a man.

Joaquin Cortes - Spanish flamenco dancer and was almost pervymmuzhchinoy, with whom he began a famous models such serious otnosheniya.Zvezdnaya pair were dating for almost a year, this period has all rekordysupermodeli.Cortes did the impossible - he tamed the "Black Panther".VlyublennayaNaomi turned affectionate, docile, she developed the idea of ​​creating a family going, and of course, make it all culminated with Haokinom.Their romance bylneveroyatno beautiful, romantic and passionate, but collapsed in the blink of an eye.In 1993, the couple spent in the Canary Islands.One day Naomi zashlav their shared room ... and found her lover's arms drugogomuzhchiny, as it turned airline pilot.The model was so dumbfounded iobizhena that rushed down from the window.To the great joy, it was just lishvtoroy floor and nothing happened.Haokin often visited her in the hospital, but then ... potomprosto vanished from her sight.Unhappy model for quite a while yet, "zalizyvalarany" and being treated for severe depression.

Yana Rudkovskaya and Viktor Baturin

How proizoshelrazryv: Buchanan drove into the street Rudkovskaya.

very loud parting was the producer RudkovskojBaturina.Posle businessman and one of the scandals Jan left, leaving my husband lastly that budetpodavat for divorce. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Yan admitted that she did so only in the "educational purposes", hoped that the family and two sons for Victor too expensiveto etodopustit. I thought he was just scared and senses. But after vozvrascheniyazhenschina discovered that her husband was to play such games is not going onprosto and simply put it on the street, collecting things. The very same Baturin says chtoon is far from being a boy to get divorcedand then go to a truce. Daleesleduyut serious passions: the ex-husband would not let ex-wife to the children, she and smilitsiey and journalists came to his house ... But all is not dalorezultata.The court left the children with their father.Last fall Viktoraarestovali with allegations of fraud.Only after that Jan could afford zabratk sons, ignoring the ban ex-husband.

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell

How proizoshelrazryv: Daniel left Satski in English.

In one memorable day on the set, where snimalaskartina "House of Dreams", between the main supporting cast Daniel and Rachel Vaysrazgorelas serious passion.However, the actor had completely forgotten about his fiancee, with whom they lived for 6 years.Daniel did not have the courage and strength to admit misrepresented that he met another.Mitchell went crazy from obscurity: zvonilavozlyublennomu, threw SMS messages and emails.Daniel did not lead iuhom not reply to any message.When Satsuki knew prichinutakogo silence, she has decided to take revenge and do it as true gollivudskayazhenschina - she spent one million dollars to the loan accounts of Daniel.Nodazhe then it does not become easier.How many journalists do not uprashivalidevushku she never even hinted at any feelings for Daniel.But her roditelismogli give more information: they said that Satsuki is in shokovomsostoyanii and completely devastated.

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy

How proizoshelrazryv: through the global network - the Internet.

famous Jim Carrey is not a supporter of long-term relationships with devushkami.V an interview the actor admitted that eternal love does not believe all etoskazki, as well as that of ten years from one person is sufficient.DzhenniMakkartni, former model Playboy, Jim become boring after 5 years of relations.So much so that he did not even schelneobhodimym some work and leave the girl tete-a-tete.And in principle, why do it if the technology had reached the point that you can communicate without even leaving your apartment?This did not fail to take advantage of Kerry.Onrasstavil dot the i via Twitter.Jim otpisalsyav his blog that the former girlfriend grateful for all the joyful moments kotoryeoni experienced together and he wants her to find her true happiness.Jenny seems to have been taken aback by this turn of events, but accepted "rules of the game" and said that he will forever in her heart the main man.

Jasmine and Vyacheslav Semenduev

How proizoshelrazryv Vyacheslav beat the girl so that she was in the hospital.

summer of 2006, Jasmine was in the hospital smnogochislennymi facial injuries, bruises covered her body and brain prisutstvovalosotryasenie.As it turned out so "tried" her own husband.Militsiiudalos establish that her husband would not let her out of the house for two days, gdeizbival girl and demanded the signing of some documents.Rather, kogdapevitsa told her husband about the separation, he decided to deprive it of continuing a career Ithaca way wanted to make her give him the copyright for the brand "Jasmine" .Through 4 months she got a divorce.At first she thought it was a long time before vyydetzamuzh, but in the autumn of 2011 took her wedding with Ilan Shor, a businessman, was born in the winter and Margarita, their common daughter.

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