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Actor Manu Bennett: brutal and sensual champion of Capua

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buduschiyakter was born October 10, 1969.His birthplace has become one of the largest cities NovoyZelandii called Oakland.The boy's parents were nechuzhdye istokiiskusstva mother being a model, hovered in the modeling industry, and his father slylpopulyarnym New Zealand singer.After some time, the family Bennet kogdasynu was only a few months, moved for permanent residence in Australia.Thanks to his parents inherited the Spanish actor ishotlandskuyu blood of the mother and Irish roots on his father.By the way, the father of Manu onvladeet New Zealand origin, the roots of which go to the so-nazyvaemymplemenam Maori.Perhaps therefore the appearance of the actor hides a istokinastoyaschego macho character with a sensual Scot.

In 1986 ManuBennett arrives in his native New Zealand stselyu go to college, and he succeeds.Upon learning kolledzheBennet played for the national team in rugby, where picked up enormous experience in this videsporta.Just for this reason, after returning to Au

stralia emunezamedlitelno Man asked to become a player rugby team called "NyuSolt Vales Skulboys Rugby Union."But the proposal Manu refused, because.his interests have changed dramatically: the future actor became active zanimatsyabaletom, dancing and even playing the piano.It is these activities and pushed to the acting craft.After retiring izsportivnoy team, he entered the university, where he studied the samomuremeslu and professional dance.Then, following his vocation of actor, Bennett moved to live in Los Angeles and comes to study at a movie theater-Institute Lee Strasberg.For his diligent attitude to learning, the student poluchaetstipendiyu.By the way, do not be amiss to note that graduates prestizhnogoinstituta Lee Strasberg became quite popular actors - Angelina Jolie, RobertDe Niro, Steve Buscemi, Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

Start acting career

Professional akterskuyukareru Manu Bennett began in 1993.Debut role was in the television series molodezhnomavstraliyskom "Paradise Beach".After this debut novoispechennogoaktera began to call as a guest actor in other avstraliyskieserialy "water rats" (1996-1997), "All Saints", "Crazy Land" (1998), "The Beastmaster" (1999).Incidentally, in the mini-series called "Neistovayazemlya" actor he played in conjunction with the popular actress of the Australian series KlaudieyKarvan.

His first major role ManuBennett received in 1999, played in the film "Tomoko".Bennett's partner so the film became the winner of the "Emmy" actress Rumiko Koyanagi.

Soon the actor invited to play Mark Antony vpopulyarneyshem series "Xena - Warrior Princess" (2000), which totsoglashaetsya.When Manu was in the movie "Lantana" (2001), where he manages at all glory to demonstrate their dancing skills, asThis role of the teacher receives kinofilmeemu salsa.As they say: "That's prigodiliszanyatiya dancing!".

Between the TV series "Xena - Warrior Princess" and the film "Lantana" actor arrives in New Zealand, where it participates in semkahseriala "Shortland Street" (2000).Zatemon performs in the series "Defender" (2002) The role of the police, who itogestanovitsya lawyer.From 2002 to 2005, in the actor's activities Bennettaoschuschaetsya noticeable lull, which in 2006 was diluted filming "The Marine".It is in this film snimalistakie wrestling stars as John Shin and Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2").Then Bennettsnimaetsya in the horror film "30 Days of Night" (2007) - Deputy Billy Kitka.Also in the same year on the screens out American movie-trillerrezhissera Scott Viper "The Condemned," unto which the actor plays one of the ten criminals named Paco.

In 2010 probivaetzvezdny hour Manu Bennett, and he goes to work in the US istoricheskomteleseriale "Spartacus: Blood and Sand", which plays the role of Crixus, he's chempionKapui gladiator fights and one of the leaders of the slaves at the time buntaSpartaka.The main plot of the series built on stories of Spartacus, kotoryystal precursor of one of the most popular revolts slaves territoriiRimskoy Empire in 74 BC periods.e.- 71 BC.e.By the way, due to the presence vseriale erotic scenes, violence and profanity series bylotnesen in a category that is intended exclusively for adults.Eschezadolgo before the premiere of the first season of the series was announced planned semkahvtorogo season, so the "father" of the series Stephen S. DeNayt in 2011 removes vtoruyuchast series, which is called "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena", where all rolpolyubivshegosya Crixus goes back as Manu Bennett.In the same series goduvyhodit with Bennett's "Sinbad and the Minotaur" - the actor performs rolSindbada.And in 2012 it appears on the screen during the third season of the acclaimed serialao Spartacus - "Spartacus: Vengeance" with the same Manu in the role of Crixus.Prodolzhenieseriala scheduled for February 2013."Spartacus: War of the Damned" will be the final season of the series final.Plot tretegosezona us tells us about what happened, when a rebellion took Marcus Crassus.

Future plans

Manu Bennett participated in the filming of the movie Peter Jackson's epic called "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", where he played King Azog orcs.Not more than budetnapomnit that "The Hobbit" is an adaptation of the work for children's audience ipodrostkovoy JRR Tolkien, which is called "The Hobbit back and forth."An interesting fact is that the role of Azogaiznachalno dabbled familiar to us not only in the TV series "Spartacus" and "Game of Thrones" Conan Stevens.But soon after Stevens was assigned drugoypersonazh - Goblin Bolg.

By the way, despite the fact that the shooting of the last season of "Spartacus" will end officially only a couple of months, Manu Bennett had already finished filming vseriale.This indicates that the most likely die Creeks already v5-6 series.So fans of Manu Bennett will have a very hard time.But pokaeto not accurate information, because all of the series of the series are shot in different sequences.It remains lishzapastis patience.

Finally, Manu Bennett 2013 godzaplanirovany shooting in American drama priklyuchencheskomseriale "Arrow", the continuation of "The Hobbit" - "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug", in 2014 in the third part of "The Hobbit" - "The Hobbit: There and Back Again".