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Larisa Guzeeva - interesting facts of life

A was lidetstvo?

Childhood Larisyproshlo homeland downy shawls, pine nuts and very strict morals.Samaartistka generally prefers not to think about them, "I mnogoezapreschalos too much to hide from me, from me hid the real life."Svoegorodnogo father of the girl had never seen - brought her mother and stepfather.Mom -tipichnaya teacher and stepfather - a tyrant and a hypocrite to the bone.Larissa bylonelzya everything, even watch movies with kisses before graduation.She otstaivalasvoё entitled to everything - the freedom of speech, thoughts and even feelings.In spite of everything, Larissa was wearing a mini, brightly painted nowhere and even smoked.So tempered harakterbuduschey artist.

LarisaGuzeeva was not beautiful by the standards of his environment.In the Urals, valued pyshnyedevushki with forms, and Larissa was thin, with huge eyes, dark.Chtobyvyglyadet a little bigger, she put on a few pairs of tights, pravdaparni still do not pay attention to it.One his beloved onadazhe wrote love lette

rs, but was publicly humiliated and rejected.However, then, many years later, after the release of "cruel romance" byvshievlyublёnnye met by chance.The once handsome guy turned vpropitogo unemployed man in tights grated and Larissa realized that zhizninichego not happen by accident.Everything is going exactly as it should go.


Posledesyatogo Larisa ran away to Leningrad.She went without problems vgosudarstvenny Institute of Theatre, Film and Music.This success did not udivilaLarisu Guzeeva have dreamed of becoming an actress.Parents while bylibolshe concerned about the fate of her younger brother.To stand out from the vsehpostupayuschih, Guzeeva even shaved my head - not to notice such osobuprepodavateli just could not.

Vinstitutskie years threatened the girl not to get lost in the crowd - she somehow udavalosvsegda be unlike the others.Guzeeva disliked almost everything, many even feared.The actress could easily chug a glass of "Riesling" as seasoned web "zechka" smoked "White Sea".This girl dressed vsegdamodno through tailoring talent mother.

Sokursnikine Larissa loved so much that when her class was to go on an exchange vBolgariyu, unanimously voted against her travel with them.However, public opinion girl did not care.She moved closer to the young avant-garde, hippovala was a model and all the free time spent in the "resting" piterskoybogemy - Cafe "Saigon."She appeared a lot of fans, including byldazhe Viktor Tsoi!

his bolgarskiykurs Guzeeva Larissa decided to meet a beautiful trick - news of zakonchivshihsyasёmkah movie Eldar Ryazanov "cruel romance".Classmates and envied nenavidelieё.Subsequently, all of which could only be known Larissa Guzeeva and AleksandrLykov, who played Casanova in the domestic series about police.

Cinema izhizn

Out onscreen "cruel romance" changed the life of a young Larissa Guzeeva.Quite simply poteryalipokoy bottomless eyes of the main character.Many filmmakers tried sblizitsyas beauty, but she always rejected their advances.One of them even threatened that "such an intractable," she no longer shoot a film girl budet.Roli not really offered, but not enviable: the athletes, the Stakhanovite-farmers, the heroine-partisan.And if you come across interesting scenario, after sampling the actress 'defective'.As recognized herself Larissa, the directors did not like it for the "intransigence" and chose a more complaisant artists.

alcoholism addiction in life Larissa Guzeeva

on filming movies odnogoiz Larisa Guzeeva first met her husband.He worked as an assistant director nakartine and his name was Elijah.With him Larissa lived vosemschastlivyh years trying in every way to cure her husband's drug addiction.Larisapozzhe admitted she did not want to believe in the hopelessness of his position, he believed a cure even have dreamed of a loved child.Ilya died otperedozirovki drugs directly on a park bench.

After etogouzhasnogo event in the life of Larissa appeared the word "alcoholism."Actress stalavypivat first "for the company" with pseudo-sympathetic friends who prostonravilos see the once unshakable Guzeeva weak and broken.PostepennoLarisa realized that dependence on alcohol tightened it.It is anybody in this unacknowledged, treated herself.As a result, managed to cope with the disease, but iteper Guzeeva argues that "ex-drug addicts and alcoholics does not happen."

Once LariseGuzeevoy offered to participate in the filming of the Georgian language.Taksudba brought her second husband.Serious everyday actress suddenly turned vsploshnuyu holiday.Handsome Georgian Kakha was considerate, attentive, educated iizbavlyal Larissa from all domestic problems.Actress realized that even ready roditot the man child.For a long time no one even knew about her pregnancy but partnёrovpo paintings "Patriotic Comedy" and "In the region of the sky," Sergei Makovetskogoi Alexei Serebryakov.

Almost dosamyh birth Larissa continued to work.The son was born healthy, though it was too early to pervyhrodov - for 32 years.Immediately after birth the actress returned nastsenu.As a consequence, she says, "I'm giving birth to two children, I do not know what dekretnyyotpusk."Living with Georgian Kakha did not work - too different traditsiyahvyrosli wife.But they maintain normal relations, the son of George Larisa postoyannoobschaetsya with his father and visited him in Georgia.

third marriage

In tretiyraz Larissa married the famous Moscow restaurateur Igor Buharova.Oni knew before 20 years, Igor was aware of all zhiznennyhperipety, downs and ups Larissa.Not long ago, they lived in two cities -one in Leningrad, and he is in Moscow.Igor waited patiently supported in trudnyhsituatsiyah not lose hope ever to become not just a friend of Larissa.When he is finally made a favorite proposal, she just was not able to otkazat.Larisa Guzeeva says: "We are not simply Igor husband and wife, but the real attraction druzya.Strast and eventually become a habit.And that will remain eslimezhdu people no spiritual kinship? »

Suprugochen wanted a child, and at age 40 gave the actress a happy daddy daughter Lelyu.Uzhe on the 10th day after the birth, she went to work, but still always staralasudelyatdaughter attention.Larisa Guzeeva believes that a woman should bytuverennoy that she always would, if anything, to provide themselves and svoihdetey.So she leads the restaurant business, in films and on television, in a word, not a day not sitting "on the neck" with a spouse.