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Bettie Page

That Betty has made pin-up style so recognizable and popular worldwide.In American culture, the woman left a significant mark.In the photos it looks and sexy, discreet and did not get was how a good boy, and starred in the fetish style.Her erotic photography in the 50s of the 20th century in America were in the house of every American.

Bettie Page

is known to be popular enough to be born into a poor family, then go to conquer the capital, to win, to succeed, to have a lot of novels, but not to be happy in my personal life and die desirable tragedy in his youth (that's arecipe for popularity).Paige, to become popular, all the above listed items, though she did not die tragically and in the elderly.

Bettie Page was born in an ordinary American family, but not rich.Before 10 years she lived with her father.But he drank and beat her mother, eventually they divorced.Her mother had to provide their own six children, so that immediately after the divorce she gave her children to boarding school for a year.All year

she earned money and a year later took the children to her.Betty helped her mother to follow the brothers and sisters, she understands the sewing.The girl was a good student and graduated with honors from the school.Then I went to study at the teacher, but then changed her mind and decided to become an actress.

Officially, this woman was married four times, her marriage lasted a short time, while it was twice married to his classmate.

Soon she married a classmate, who during the war began to serve in the Navy and then moved several times with him from place to place until she is not tired and she divorced him, determined to make a reality of his acting dream.Betty moved to New York, where she worked as a secretary.

Once on the beach, she met a police officer who asked her to star naked and she agreed.That cop named Jerry Tibbs, he is one of the famous New York club photographers involved shooting.Betty soon became well-known artist's model in this club, and her photographs began to appear in popular magazines: Wink, Titter, Eyefull and Beauty Parade.Jerry made her first portfolio in the style of pin-up.One of the most famous photo shoots Betty is her photo shoot in the style of BDSM.

In 1955 came her finest hour, because she was the girl of the month in Playboy, her picture with Santa Claus postcards and migrated to become the most popular adult postcard.Over the next few years, it has been very popular on the American continent.

In 1957, at the peak of her career against her were charged, if it contributes to the spread of pornography.At the age of 34, she decided not to shoot for magazines, as fascinated by religion.Paige became ardent activist Baptist congregation, moved to Florida and completely severed all contact with his past.In 1958, Betty married, but divorced in 5 years.

In the 60s, she decides to go to Africa with the missionary activities of his Baptist community, but it is not allowed due to the fact that she is divorced and Betty quickly married again.Married, she travels to Africa, but immediately after the end of his missionary work after returning home divorce with his third (first husband).

In the early 70s she moved to Los Angeles.In 1979, she had a nervous breakdown and her hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.It was during this period in the United States once again remember her by publishing it in magazines and old photos at the same time discussing them.Up until 1992, Paige was under the supervision of doctors psychiatrists.From that time until his death (6 December 2008), she led a quiet life.

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