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Secrets appeal Vivien Leigh

Vivienne always aware of its appeal, eebezuprechnoy admired the beauty of the world!One of the most famous vyskazyvaniyzvezdy reads: "There is no ugly women - only women who do not know that they are beautiful."And she was absolutely right, because who we are, first and foremost depends on their own assessment of our lives.

Despite its fragility and vulnerability, it is always to achieve goals, vochto no matter what.She made great efforts to achieve any task! And it almost always turned out so successfully.Therefore, it was vsegdapervoy always the best around!Even in the most difficult moments of his life, Vivennikogda did not leave a wonderful sense of humor, because she always believed vudachu and in all circumstances could see the positive side.Takzheona was always ready to support friends, even if she at this time nuzhdalasv support.In addition, thanks to his talent, she could at any momentpereyti from one mood to another, using facial expressions and his charm.

Vivienne never been afraid of

old age.She vsegdagovorila "This actress is not afraid of age.I'll play up to ninety years ".And this advice should be followed not only movie stars, but ordinary girls and women.The actress always look after themselves, trying to be well-groomed iakkuratnoy, but special recipes and tricks to beauty and youth preservation unused, everything in it was natural.

Vivienne could to win any charm cheloveka.Glavnym weapon she used to look that magicheskideystvoval not only men but also women.The color of her eyes could not opredelitnikto.Some said that he orris, others thought it was blue, indigo and even emerald.But shade eye has always depended on the color of podobrannogoplatya.A typical makeup for Vivienne was: dull arrow pushistyeresnitsy and defined eyebrows in the shape of a crescent, as she always podbiralayarko lipstick red or coral color.It is on the eyes and lips, she delalaglavny accent, but in spite of this, make it always looked estestvenno.I she never used the blush or shadows.

Vivienne has always been a bright brunette.Only once v1951 year for the film "A Streetcar Named" Desire ", she appeared in an unusual way dlyazriteley when dyed black hair and began blondinkoy.Harakternoy feature in the image of Vivienne always been curly shoulder-length hair, the most open face and parted in the middle.Bang it never drops.

Besides impeccable appearance, Vivien had dobrymserdtsem.She loved all the people wanted to be loved and believed in love.Aktrisavsegda crush, love passionately and sensually.She also ochenlyubila himself loved her hair, the body, the soul, the character, the voice - Vivenlyubila a whole and, therefore, afford it cornfields than never denied - gorgeous costumes, entertainment, flirting, lyuboyvid holiday, sweets - everything thatmay wish for any, even the modern woman!

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