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Actor Charlie Sheen


Hometown KarlosaIrvina Estevez (aka Charlie Sheen) became New York.He was born on 3 sentyabrya1965, the son of the famous American actor Martin Sheen (RamonaDzherarda Antonio Estevez) and Janet Templeton.In addition to Charlie in the family has been dvoedetey: two brothers - Ramon Estevez, Emilio Estevez.All of them took aktivnoeuchastie in the actor's craft, which is likely, and pushed mladshegobrata following in their footsteps.Soon poslerozhdeniya third son, was born in akterskoyseme girl Renee Estevez, who also decided to go to the cinema.Brothers and sister, Charlie, have firmly decided not pochivatna laurels of his father, and set a goal to glorify the name of Estevez vesGollivud.Charlie decided that the name of the father is entitled to more than once to sound vkuluarah movies and started to make his film career under the name of Charlie Sheen.Iznachalnopo this reason, it sounded many arguments that strongly sravnivalimolodogo talented actor with his father, but eventually Charlie

udalosvyyti from the shadow of his father, and all prove his acting personality noob that later.

In 1964 goduroditeli Charlie because his father was offered a role in the Broadway staging subtitled "If not for the roses", moved to Malibu.The boy, meanwhile, entered vSanta Monica to school, but learning is very difficult to give him.The bus is much bolsheinteresoval sport, namely the school baseball team.True there malchikproderzhalsya briefly - because of the continuous training of its absenteeism kicked izsostava.But Charlie was true to his passion and in adolescence stalchlenom baseball team, where he was able to achieve significant progress.For tovremya man engaged in a special baseball camp, where, taking into account a success, the coaches wanted to transfer bus to the main league.But soon parenponyal that his vocation - cinema.


akterpoyavilsya the first time on screen in 9 years, but the first-takiego debut on television in 1974 was the film "The Execution of Private Slovik" .This film Charlie played with his father.The first independent rolakteru offered in the film "Red Dawn" (1984).Partners Charlie Shinapo movie film became a popular movie stars: Lea Thompson, Patrick Swayze, DzhenniferGrey and C. Thomas Howell.Soon, one of the partners on the film (DzhenniferGrey) Charlie in 1986, will play in one of the small scenes in the film "FerrisByuller takes off."In the same year the actor played the main role in the film, which is narrated about the war in Vietnam under the name of "Platoon."This film became uspeshnoyrezhisserskoy work of Oliver Stone, who in the next year with his father Shinavmeste invited to star in the movie "Wall Street."A year later, Charlie again svetilaglavnaya role in Stone's next film called "Born chetvertogoiyulya," but it took place in the film Tom Cruise.

In 1988, Shin snimaetsyadrame about the sport, "Eight out of the game."In the same year, together with the bratomEmilio Estevez, Charlie acted in "Young Guns," and in 1990 - in the movie "Men at Work".By the way, In 1989 for the Western "Young Guns" Charlie, along with his brother, gets its pervuyunagradu "Bronze Cowboy."

In the early 90s Sheen starred in several films - "drill", where he played together with his father, "Beginner" with Clint Eastwood, "The Pursuit shaded" with Michael Madsen and Linda Fiorentino.

In 1994 on the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood stars appeared under the title "CharliShin."In 1997, Sheen wrote a personal and first screenplay for the film, in kotoromrasskazyvalos about life on Mars.In 1998 Gmina Godów thriller "Operation" Charlivystupaet not only as an actor but also as a writer and producer.

Charlipytalsya not become "hostage to one role," so it is very aktivnoprobuet himself in films of various genres.These films are: the comedy "Vysshayaliga 2" (1994), "Money talks" (1997), as well as movie parody genre - "Hot Shots" 1, part 2 (1991, 1994), "Ochenstrashnoe Movie 3" (2003)"Scary Movie 4" (2006).Also an actor snyalsyakartine "Being John Malkovich" (1999), where he played himself.The actor obscheyslozhnosti account for more than 40 films, each of which received svoepriznanie from critics and audiences.

Pomimofilmov Charlie Sheen starred in the series.For example, in 2000, the actor in the sitcom "Spin City," in his final 2 seasons replaced Michael J. Fox.For this rolCharli simultaneously nominated for two ALMA Award and was awarded in the category of nailuchshuyumuzhskuyu in a Musical or Comedy "Golden Globe".

V2003, the actor has agreed to be the confirmed bachelor Charlie Harper vseriale "Two and a Half Men."This role is added to the collection akterapremiyu ALMA, two nominations "Golden Globe" and three nominations for the "Emmy".In 2011, due to alcohol abuse inarkotikami company "Warner Brothers", offsetting the incident millionomidollarov 25, terminated the contract with Sheen, and season 9 was replaced by Ashton Katcher.No this situation did not deter Charlie Sheen statodnim of the highest paid actors with an income equal to1.8 millionudollarov for one episode in the series.And talking about the decline of Shinaesche acting career very early.In 2009, the actor appeared in one episode of Season 3 "Teoriibolshogo Bang" (2009), the television series "Anger Management" (2012), and in 2013 Guodong screens with the actor will be released films "Machete Kills" and "very strashnoekino 5".Incidentally, the latter will vkinoprokate in Russia in April of this year.


Sheen married for the first time in 1995, his wife was Donna Pilli, but in November 1996 they divorced.Simultaneously Charlie had a relationship with Kelly Preston, but because of the unpleasant incident, the actor inadvertently shot her in the arm, she left him for another svoemudavnemu John Travolta.

On akterke DenizRichards Sheen married in 2002, but after 5 years of their marriage fell apart, despite NATO that the actors were born two girls: Lola (1 June 2005) and Sam (9 marta2004 year).

In 2008 aktervzyal wives actress Brooke Mueller, who gave him twin sons Bob and Max (14 March 2009).In 2011 godupara divorced.And in March of this year, Charlie began to live in grazhdanskombrake Bree Olson, a porn star, which for the actor left the porn business.

tire estvnebrachnaya daughter Cassandra, kotorayarodilas in 1984 and which, according to the actor, will soon give him a grandson.

Charlie Sheen in 2011 was in the Guinness Book of Records for the vast number of subscribers vTvittere.Also, the actor was able to set a record as the highest-paid actor in one episode ("Two and a Half Men" actor was given 1.25 million dollars).

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