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Nicolas Cage: the power of the charm of this man

skeleton in the closet

More ssamogo very childhood, parents pay little attention to the boy.Father buduchiprofessorom literature, spent whole days at the university.Mother itantsovschitsa choreographer, was a woman with a strange, spoke only poems and itogeokazalas in a psychiatric clinic.Meanwhile, the child learned to read pokomiksam and dreamed of becoming a detective.As the actor himself later admitted: "Most of the comics he loved only cinema.Films excited his imagination and in the same time in the images of movie stars he could find peace and inspiration. "By the way, the future actor went to the same school in Beverly Hills as Angelina Jolie.Iproiskhodilo is about the moment when his uncle began to shoot "The Godfather."Francis Ford Coppola and Sophia Koppala ("Lost in Translation") and Nicholas are chlenamisemeynogo clan whose ancestors in the distant past were italyanskihmafiozi status.

Independently make a career in the cinema of the future actor tverdoreshil in 17 years, choosing fo

r themselves the profession of actor.It was at this point Nikolsberet name Cage, which he took over from his favorite comic book superhero, telling us about the Warlock Luke Cage.After a while the actor will pytatsyapoprobovat themselves in different industries, but acting stanetimenno the link, which will be built around his life.


1983 godoznamenovalsya for Nichols Cage huge success - this year ekranyvyhodit film "Valley Girl", where the actor played the role of krasnovolosogorok musician.Then Cage took part in the filming of two movies svoegoproslavlennogo uncle called "Fight Club" and "Cotton Club".However, soon the family beginning of cooperation not go well because of the arrogance ineobuzdannosti young actor.Being an anarchist at heart, he works on nravubyli that vospevalistil punk and rock, which offers the opportunity to fully express themselves.With great pleasure the actor starred in David Lynch's "Dikieserdtsem" and thus fundamentally secured the image of the eccentric ishalnogo Man.

Living by the principle that life must be enjoyed everything, the actor takes soglasieprakticheski all roles.Many directors have noted with respect rvenieNikolsa fervor and with whom he came nasemochnuyu site.Actor for the successful role was ready to absolutely everything in "Vampire Kisses" to eat a live cockroach or afford the right in the frame bezobezbolivayuschego knock yourself front two teeth, what happened in the film "Picnic" Referring says the actor: "Today I have thisI never went! ".But it is certainly because he just turned 49 years old.

Many persons or persons without

Slovnohameleon changes its color, Nichols changes his roles.He actively prinimaetuchastie in Art House, meystrime sometimes participates in the full "gollivudschine."His movies heroes may have different characters: alcoholics, criminals, writers, screenwriters, police, hero-lover or iskatelipriklyucheny.Let some of his films were not so successful, others are controversial, but the actor is always himself, being in constant search as lyuboytalantlivy people.

izsamyh One interesting works actor critics called the film "Adaptation" (2001) .Here Cage played both the role of the two twin brothers: Donald zakompleksovannogoCharli and prosperous.This split personality brought akterunominatsiyu Oscar.But Prison and did not receive.In his collection, one statuette for the film "PokidayaLas Vegas," where the actor great cope with the role of the alcoholic on the brink of who deserves leniency.

Keydzhaktivno committed to vysokobyundzhetnym paintings: "Con Air," "The Rock," "Oscar".In the film, John Woo's "Face" Cage coped well with the role hmurogonevrastenika.The action adventure, almost Hitchcockian plot "national achievements, the actor was able to blend very well with his personazhemBenom Gates.But his character from the movie "Lord of War" emigrant izRossii that sells arms, Yuri Orlov, the actor associates with geroyamigollivudskih films about gangsters 30-40s.

pool of talent

More ssamogo childhood Cage used to take everything from life.From an early age he polyubilklassicheskuyu music - in the family listened to her only.Then the actor sat down on a rock, admiring "The Beatles."In 1990, Nichols even acts as a composer, writing the soundtrack to Lynch's "Wild at Heart".A couple of tunes can be heard in the Cage "PokidayaLas Vegas."

2002godu The film goes "Sony" and the actor puts another mark against statusarezhissera.Nicolas filmed script that caught his eye even 15 years ago.Also, Nicholas gladly engaged in installation films.Not takdavno he became interested in producing.His work was the film "Shadow of the Vampire."

Cage and his lady in the movie ...

Vromanticheskom image of the actor can be seen infrequently sincethe actor boitsyavyglyadet silly and sentimental.Ontselyh 5 times refused the role of loving husband in the film "Family Man."At some tostepeni actor he has become hostage to his tough guy roles.But despite this, many will remember the actor in the film "City of Angels", where co-star Meg became Raymond.

... and in life

HotKeydzh loves surprises, but still based on the abundance of enthusiasm, vklyuchayaroman with Uma Thurman, ladies visibly surprised the actor.But privacy Nichols disliked exhibit at the show.At Cage was one of the shortest in Gollivudebrakov Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the king of rock and the ex-wife of the King of Pop MayklaDzheksona.Their marriage lasted 4 months.

Pervyybrak was long and lasted 6 years.The wife of the actor at the time was aktrisaPatritsiya Arquette.Marriage proposal by Cage was made in the first zheden dating.The very Arquette approached this very seriously and predostavilasuzhenomu list of things he needed to do.Cage entuziazmomvypolnil with all the requirements, which surprised the actress and she started to avoid Cage nospustya 2 years they were married.Though the marriage broke up, and actors have kept priyatelskieotnosheniya.

Nedavnoakter married for the third time on waitress from a Japanese restaurant, Korean EllisKim and 3 October 2005, she gave birth to his son, Kal-El, which was named after Superman izkomiksov.

Looking to the future actor

Pomimovospitaniya son Cage learns producer and director, embodying the svoinovye projects.In 2013, with the participation of Nichols Cage is expected to yield several films: "Merzlayazemlya", "Kick-Ass 2", "Joe", as the actor plans to announce one of personazheyanimatsionnogo film "The Croods" (Grougi), which will be released in the world rolled in the spring ofyear.

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