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Secrets of beauty and charm Michel Mercier

Kazhdyyraz talking about Michelle, most fans remember this aktrisuisklyuchitelno as a beautiful and indomitable Angelica, forgetting that it was a movie zaramkami different.Michel for a long time trying to get rid of Isabey about this role, but namertvopristavshy image stayed with her, and so far, so she decided to accept iprinyat it remains in the memory of millions of fans Angelica - neukrotimoyi intrepid Marquise angels."People always talk about me like about Angelica, although I played half a hundred different women.For many years I tried to forget about it, it seems to me noseychas little sister, who is always ready podderzhatmenya.I learned to live next to her. "Michel Mercier.

Glavnymsekretom charm Michelle is a belief in love - she always dreamed bytprekrasnoy and faithful wife, loving mother and gentle good housekeeper, but vsemuzhchiny saw it Angelique and waited otnee passionate nights.The actress has always said that people lack the romance, but in spite of that, she always saw the posit

ive side in people, poetomudlya it in the first place has always had personality and the soul of man and morals predstavleniyao accompanied her throughout life.

Mishelochen frustrated by the fact that all people, and especially men, see it lishneveroyatno beautiful woman, forgetting her inner world of feelings, principles and interests, so the actress always tried to involve menshevnimaniya their appearance - she wore a verysimple but elegant clothes painted istaralas less often go out without makeup.But despite the efforts simply, people still pay attention to the appearance and unsurpassed nemogli take your eyes off the star.

Makiyazhkinodivy was very simple: yarkiestrelki, fluffy long and thick eyelashes, bright shade.The main emphasis was placed on the eyes.Michelle never nevydelyala lips - she always used a light pink lipstick or colorless bleskdlya lips.This image of a little like Brigitte Bardot.

Obektomvoskhischeniya and the envy of many women, is the hair of the actress.They bylishikarnymi from nature.Michelle chastenkomenyala hairstyles.If we look at the many pictures the star can be seen that she was wearing not only long but also short strizhki.Harakternoy feature in the image of Angelica always had thick hair just below plechmedovogo shade.But despite all this, the nature of Michelle were temnyevolosy.

Mishelvsegda tried to eat right, I did not use the extra food, but she has never dieted.

Stoitotmetit that at one time a movie star suffered several plastic operatsiyna face - one of the men in the next hysterics hit Michelle in the face, breaking eynos and damaged cheek.Therefore, the operation for the actress was vital neobhodimymi.Tem Still, neither of the operations did not spoil a wonderful oblikzhenschiny.

SeychasMishel are over 70, but despite its age, it remains a zheneprevzoydennoy and beautiful woman.Throughout the years, Michelle never neudelyala lot of time and attention to their appearance.According to the samoyaktrisy, it does not enjoy any special means to maintain svoeykrasoty and youth, because she loves herself at any age and vyglyadetmolozhe or older, than is actually, is not seeking and does not want to, because that the main value to any person for Michelle isvnutrenniymir and soul.