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Forever young Masako Mizutani

Even at a young age Masako Mizutani made sebekareru model and worked under contracts with various firms in Japan, nomirovaya fame came to her only when she won the contest, which invited women and men older than 35 years, where allonisorevnovalis in who looks younger.This was the first step towards kmirovoy glory.After winning the contest, spoke about it the whole world - it nachalipriglashat on various television talk shows and broadcasts in advertising, its litsopoyavilos on the covers of glossy magazines, she often interviewed raznyepechatnye publication.In addition, Masako currently leads the program on TV, collaborating with cosmetic companies, advises women and men, even after all that the world, inspiring them and giving them confidence.

In many newspapers, on Internet sites and even vnekotoryh magazines Woman jokingly began to accuse of witchcraft nazyvayavedmoy and comparing it with the eternally youthful goddesses from Greek mythology, but Mizutanioprovergaet rumors about magic.Its main se

cret of eternal youth of the skin it is difficult not to hide from the people, but on the contrary, she is trying to convey it to vsehzhiteley our planet - in addition to its program on television, it is svoyblog the Internet and its official pages have in social networks, where onaotvechaet a lot of questionsregular users of the fashion, skin care so forth.In Japan, former Centerfolds blog is very popular - everyone wants to know OEE life as much as possible, for example, that she threw her modeling career iposvyatila her family and children.By the way, Masako two children, the eldest docheriseychas 21.

secret of youth Masako Mizutani is simple-so just like all women, she cares for the skin in the morning, afternoon and evening (obyazatelnyednevnoy and evening moisturizer for the skin around the eye), with the lishraznitsey that this girl leaves5 hours per day.In addition to all kosmeticheskihsredstv enjoyed by all women after 30 (and is included), Mizutanidelaet various massages and aerobics face.Equally important, it schitaetzdorovy sleep, proper nutrition and good mood.

Besides skin, Masako also carefully zavolosami care, nail and body treatments.She never appeared in the world without a manicure, without makeup or with tousled hair.She always looks well-groomed and derzhitsebya in excellent physical shape.Therefore, in his blog, the former fotomodeldaet some advice - you should regularly train your body and mind, and never horoshovysypatsya smoke (or quit), eat fresh, healthy food -frukty, vegetables, nuts, etc. (it is a balanced diet), pitdostatochnofluid to remove toxins, protect the skin of the face and body otvneshnih factors (eg, from dirt and dust), adding to their creams and losonyvitamin E (chemist's capsule) that the skin supple and soft in zharkoevremya year, always use sunscreen, enterezhevechernyuyuprotseduru (cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin before going to bed), perestatperezhivat and bring themselves to a stress state and, of course, lyubitprirodu, myself and all the people around.

huge kolichestvozhenschin worldwide, marrying and giving birth, or have to raise a child and 40 years takzheposle forget about themselves, about their appearance and about his style.But vyglyadetprekrasno, well-groomed and stylish you should always, at any age.And let MasakoMizutani inspire everyone who reads this article.