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The famous model Yasmin Ghauri

born starlet podiums in Montreal, Canada in 1971.The following 9 years she lived in complete family with father and mother, by the way, her father was a Pakistani, and his mother was German.In 1980, her parents divorced and her father moved to Quebec, where he was offered work imam.Her father was a very religious man, and the girl lived in severity.

Since childhood the girl showed interest in the fashion industry, and even attended a modeling school for a while, but her mother and father were strongly against this hobby girl.As a child, bullied and teased by her classmates, she often fought with them in Posted in General, the future super model nobody considered beautiful.

In 17 years, Yasmin went to work as a waitress in a McDonalds.For a while she worked there until he was spotted by a model scout Edward Zacharias.At first she did not believe Zechariah, he took time to persuade a girl to do modeling.He once said that she would be a very famous model, but modest Guari not believe his stories.

Nevertheless, 17 years old, she began working as a model, though her father and mother were against it at first, thinking that the atmosphere of the fashion business can badly affect their daughter.

As you know, after the divorce Yasmin lived with his father and he knew that with the 17 years she moonlighted as a model, though he did not like it, but over the next three years she was with him.As a result, over time, Jasmine's father saw the photos of his daughter, and gave her half-naked big scandal.Besides modeling career daughter reflects badly on his work, since he was an imam and had to comply with a strict way, but in the end he could not cope even with his own daughter.In the truest sense of the word after such a scandal, she ran away to New York and from that moment she began her modeling career.

In 1990 she signed a contract with the famous fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Versace.Over the next six years, her face appeared on the covers of many well-known magazines, as well as it defelirovla on the most famous shows.

Suddenly, in 1996, it ceases to participate in fashion shows and is fully committed themselves family.In an interview, Yasmin said that modeling career for her is a way to make money, and that in life there are many other interesting activities.Therefore, being a well-known paid model, she never ceased to cultivate and read a lot of books.

She married a successful Jewish lawyer Ralph Bernstein, gave birth to two children and began to lead a quiet family life.Jasmine family completely devoted himself and began to study.In her studies, she opted for the economy, and even for a long time attended business courses.She offered many times to return to the fashion catwalk, but she always refused.

Now it can be rarely seen at charity events and only accompanied by her husband.Despite the fact that she has devoted itself family Yasmine loves to wear designer clothes (in normal clothes, it looks nice).

In 90 years on the catwalks of fashion was an atmosphere of femininity in favor were leggy feminine beauty.Yasmin is the personification of this mannequin, her face is stored.

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