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Biography Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli was born into an aristocratic family in Rome, in the ancestral palace.Her father - a hereditary aristocrat in charge of the library, so the girl from his childhood spent a lot of time in the library studying books.Elsa was not a beauty, but the smartest girl, but her sister was beautiful and intelligent.Girl from childhood complexed in this occasion and the end of life trying to hide their shortcomings.

Once Elsa even start rattling off on his face, nose and ears flower seeds in the hope that they bloom, and it will turn into a beautiful woman, and the girl almost died, she was rescued by doctors.To keep up with his beautiful and clever sister, she studied languages ​​and trying to please their parents' good grades.Despite the fact that Elsa was a smart kid, she was very inquisitive and experimented.One day she heard about the invention of the parachute, and after some time has built its own parachute from the canopy.With his childlike optimism and she decided to try a parachute and
jumped from the second floor of the window.At the bottom was a pile of manure and the girl was not injured.

In 13 years, the girl's father took her first trip to Tunisia.Girl like a local rich man and he began to give her special favors, but his father intervened and explained to her admirers, the girl is still small for such a relationship.Over time, the girl went to study in the Swedish pension religious bias.After she went on hunger strike, my father took from school and she began to live at home.Already the girl's parents decided to marry her, but they did not like Elsa boyfriend, which she found her parents and twisted love affairs with creative men.My parents have always been against such hobbies.

will soon earn her friend offered her a governess in London.At age 23 she moved to London.In his spare time guvernantstva she walked around the city, studied him, visited the exhibition and one day came to the theosophical lecture Count William de Wendt de Kerlora .The next day, the Count and Elsa married, this time the parents were unable to prevent the imminent marriage of his daughter, after all missed the wedding ceremony.

Soon the war began and her husband was out of work, because during the war, no one was interested in theosophy.As for the life of the spouses, the William de Wendt de Kerlor little time devoted to his young wife, they lived permanently on a removable apartment, he cheated on her, and she pays the bills that come to her from hotels and restaurants.Soon, the couple moved to Nice, where her husband's relatives lived, Elsa and her husband settled in a rented apartment, the husband is still not particularly interested in his young wife, she in retaliation start gambling in Monte Carlo.She lost all the money back without a penny, and the family moved to America.In America, family life Elsa collapsed and she divorced her husband, being pregnant by him.Elsa was left alone in a strange country almost without money.From that moment Elsa clearly understand for themselves that the men do not can not give a lot of power over them.With the child in her arms, she was looking for a hotel for a long time where I could settle down with her daughter.During this time she took any job to feed and daughter often left very hungry.His daughter called Elsa Yvonne , but at 15 months, she noticed that the girl is something wrong.Consult your doctor, it became clear that the girl is sick palsy and needs treatment.The doctor who treated the daughter Schiaparelli , gave her a job, and soon she was able to move with her daughter to Paris.Here's daughter Elsa started to recover, and her mother has arranged for several years to the guesthouse.

One day, while walking with a friend, she went to the house of Paul Poiret famous Parisian designer.A friend, who had the money and decided to buy yourself some things, and Elsa just decided to try on a coat.Poiret saw Elsa in the coat and asked her to buy him, but she said she could not afford it, and he gave it to her.From that moment she became friends with the great designer.

After the meeting, Elsa decided to get a job in the fashion industry, she always refused, but Schiaparelli not discouraged and one day she turned up or break a case.To come to her friend from America, it was a simple, but very elegant sweater.Elsa asked a friend, where she got this sweater and she said that he tied one Armenian. Schiaparelli went to the Armenian woman and ordered her knitted sweater with butterfly.Soon she went there for dinner, and then a sweater wanted to have a lot of her friends.Eventually, all the Armenians of Paris to knit for Schiaparelli .

Soon Elsa decided to do embroidery, but because she did not understand this, it is thought out way, and tailors sewed dresses . Schiaparelli later opened a salon in which gathered all the fashionable women of Paris and beyond.Once in the interior came to Elsa poor actress, Schiaparelli regretted it, and put them for free.Later, the actress became very famous.In 1935, Elsa opened her boutique in Paris.In 1936 Schiaparelli made a one-time fashionable color.Before the war, Elsa was one of the most famous French designers.After the Germans occupied Paris, she emigrated, but after the war, is back, now the fashionable odnakoo ball ruled Chanel and Dior and Schiaparelli with their images have been yesterday.

In 1954, she released her latest collection, and left the world of fashion.The rest of her life she lived in the Tunis and Paris, raising their two granddaughters.Being retired, she wrote her autobiography, which describes in detail how to achieve popularity and recognition.This woman died in 1973 at age 83 with his family in Paris.His collection of dresses she presented museums.Elsa Schiaparelli was buried in her favorite pink pajamas.

Biography Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli unlike rival sovey Gabrielle Chanel created extravagant and at the same time, comfortable clothing.It does not stick to any fashionable laws and acts as it sees fit.In the 30 years of the twentieth century, it was designer №1 in the world, it is under its affecting in the collections of fashion designers appeared bright colors.Elsa embodied all his experience in numerous collections, she suffered a surreal clothing.Its collections of famous designers sought inspiration.The most ardent follower of her style was the designer Franco Moschino .