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Beyonce Knowles: "I always give 100%"

Fair childhood

Beyonce was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas.The baby's parents simply no chayali and soul since childhood to active podgotavlivaliee musical career: from 7 years old girl sang in the choir and actively zanimalastantsami.Even from the earliest years, the future singer had no somneniyotnositelno that in the future she will devote itself to creative head: "My parents encourage any creative endeavor.I like to dominate nastsene! ".

At 9 years old one of the plays Beyonce met sosvoim coeval named LaTaviya Roberson and girls almost immediately sozrelamysl the creation of win-duo called "Girls Tum".As the visitors were duetomdevochki beauty, which belonged to Madame Noulz.Cherez time poprobovalisebya young talents in the television contest "Star Serch" where they are at the request of organizatorovispolnili rap song.But this half-baked job pevitsyspravilis hard, and that was the cause of their defeat.That feeling polnogoprovala memory Beyonce remains for life: "On stage we st

aralisulybatsya, but behind the scenes of tears.We suffered a complete devastation ichuvstvo that life is over.But at the same time it was potryasayuschiymoment: the first fight against an obstacle.Only losing, I was able to understand what kakhochu win!Such moments give us strength! ".

Family consecutive

experienced failure is not been in vain and strongly zadeladevchonok the quick: if before their relationship to singing was just fun, toteper it acquired the status of a major work.Soon the duo became a quartet: LaTaviyapozvala the group their girlfriends - Lethe Luckett and Kelly Rowland.In totmoment desire to help the girls showed himself Beyonce's father, Matthew Knowles.Radimuzykalnoy career of his daughter, he unhesitatingly quit prestizhnoyi paying jobs.Also, it does not stand aside and mother, Tina Knowles: listavknigu vice Isaiah has encountered there a single expression "children of destiny."Imennoeto expression after much thought and was the maiden name of the new quartet.

band's first album was released in 1997.At that momentmuzykalnye critics were musical bands rather condescending, but to emphasize the numerous amount of his girl group, they Nestan.Only after the second album it became clear that the "Children of Destiny" set to work hard and seriously.Bet on music style R'n'B iisklyuchitelno female lyrics could justify itself completely.

clear leader

victorious road band to the top of the world of show business chutbylo did not stop in 2000.And it all started because of the fact that LaTaviya iLeToyya were not satisfied with the conditions that they dictated manager kollektivaMetyu Knowles.According to the girls, he took away a significant portion of finance ipostoyanno vmeshivaelsya in the creative process of the group, highlighting mestosvoyu daughter.But it was, in fact, Beyonce has been a leader, but not tolkoiz the fact that so wanted her father.Pretty woman in a short period vremenismogla acquire the status of leader of the "Children of Destiny".She is actively composing dlyakollektiva songs, and the father filed for her increased demands: Woman onzastavlyal a lot of training to that during the speeches are not tired.

the winter of 2000 for the song "This May Neum" was released clip, unto which were seen two new participants: Farrah Franklin (lichnymprichinam soon after left the band, and the quartet became a trio) and Michelle Williams.In the autumn of this zhegoda group performs the soundtrack to the film "Charlie's Angels."Trio thoroughly obosnovalosna top of the popularity charts.In 2001, the group received three awards "Grammy", and the third song of the album became hits.

Seriously love

2002 gave the girls an opportunity to engage solnoykareroy and Beyonce decided poprobovatsebya in the movie.

Forsey Her role of Cleopatra in Austin Powers comedy silnoponravilas the singer: "My character has a great sense of humor isilny character!".But the film itself from critics did not get proper chislagolosov and the audience was more interested Beyonce not as an actress and as a singer and women.Particularly acute was felt interest in the personal life of a star when onanachala meet with Jay-Z and Sean Corey Carter.

the way, as the rapper Jay-Z, he, according to the singer, almost completely coincides with the image of the perfect man, which onakogda something for themselves drawn.A recorded with him the song became nachalomsolnoy career Beyonce Knowles.The first album of the singer, which was released in July 2003, immediately brought her five awards "Grammy" and the hit called "Crazy Love John", which was recorded with the support of Jay-Z, gained the title of the anthem of the summer of that year.

operability and talent helped her to get a girl in the number of leaders of the brightest stars.

Full speed ahead!

Despite all the success in his solo career and periodicheskimsemkam in the movie, Beyonce greatly missed for "Child of Destiny".In November 2004 it godatrio reunited and released a new album, which became a double platinovym.No through nearly eight months the trio broke up again.But the girls still denpodderzhivayut sincere friendship between each other.

Dream Girl

Giving the lion's share of the time solo career, the singer has not forgotten about the movie.She starred in the detective comedy "The Pink Panther" and the film "Dreamgirls," which tells the story of the women's group of the 60s.The basis of the story of the famous group syuzhetalegla "Supremens", and became the prototype of the heroine Beyonce Diane Ross.For this role, the singer dropped as much as 9 kilograms, adhering to a rigid diet.

addition, Beyonce soul nor chaet kosmetike.Ona in fashion and she became the face of the well-known cosmetic brand "L'Oreal".But TommiHilfiger made her the epitome of fine fragrances "True Star" and "Tru stargold."Together with his mother, the singer released a personal clothing line, "House ofDereon" by the name of her grandmother.

not forget Beyonce and music.In 2010 she ustanavlivaetrekord as a singer that the resin win just once the largest chislonagrad "Grammy", winning in six categories.In 2011 vyhoditchetverty studio album of the singer.In 2012, the magazine "Pipel" named Beyonsodnoy of the most beautiful women in the world.

With regard to privacy, the April 4, 2008 in New YorkeBeyons married Jay-Z, and on 7 January 2012 in semepoyavilas happy to light the daughter who was named Blue Ivy Carter.In May this year, after maternity otpuskapevitsa triumphant return to the stage.

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