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Grace Kelly: The Story of a Princess

Grace Kelly was born into a wealthy family in 1929.Girl grew quiet and not very sociable child.While studying at the school, despite its tihost she could arrange what a trick or a cigarette.Grace grew up on the Puritan traditions, so it from early childhood dreamed to escape from parental care.As a child she participated in school productions, the theater was an outlet for her since she could try on the role of those who could not live in the real world.Kelly was short-sighted and up to 14 years of wearing glasses, boys it is not paying attention.

At 16, she has turned from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan, she began actively communicate with the boys, but never transgressed the brink of it, and could not say anything bad.After high school, she decided to devote his life to acting career.

The more she talked with the opposite sex, the more it turned into a daring and sweet scamp.She was admitted to the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and started an apprenticeship as a fashion model.It
actively starred in advertising underwear and cigarettes, and her photographs began to appear in popular magazines.Career model Grace helped not only to provide itself, but still substantial amounts she sent to relatives.

Grace Kelly: The Story of a Princess

As we know, during the course of Grace, finally got rid of parental control and began to twist the novels.The first lover was her acting teacher Don Richardson, in which she is very in love, and even introduced him to my parents, but at the time of dating, it became known that the choice of Grace married.Despite the fact that Don Richardson did not become her husband Kelly, he was her best friend.Soon she twisted romance with the Shah of Iran, who proposes to her (1949).Grace agrees, but after some time taking it back, because he understands that it is not the Shah only wife.

parallel conduct novels Grace begins to act in films.At first she acted in small roles, later starring in the film "High Noon," it becomes a very popular (1952).In 1955, for the main role in the movie "Country Girl" she gets her Oscar.

Grace is known, popular, rich, but unhappy in his personal life.Soon she headed the delegation at the Cannes Film Festival.According to the plan the delegation was to pay a visit to Prince Rainier of Monaco III.As later admitted Grace and Rainier, the day of the meeting was for both is not so happy, but nevertheless their meeting proved fateful, since Kelly the first time won the Prince and between romantic correspondence ensued.In 1956, Grace and Rainier married.

Grace Kelly: The Story of a Princess

Notable is the fact that after the Second World War, the Kingdom of Monaco was not in its best condition, gambling in Monaco did not bring White fabulous income, as is well known at the time, most of it belonged to the famousbillionaire Aristotle Onassis, and it somehow to bring back life to gambling and the Kingdom in general, thought to marry a prince on a famous American actress.At first the idea was to marry Rainier on Marilyn Monroe, but since she was childless, then this option has disappeared over time, and then there was Grace Kelly.After the wedding, Grace and Rainier of Monaco reached the rich American tourists, gambling again began to bring big profits.

Immediately after the marriage ceremony, the couple went to a long honeymoon, during which it became known that Grace is pregnant.Fail a year, Kelly gave birth to a baby girl Caroline Louise Marguerite, and in 1958 she gave birth to the heir to Prince Albert II.In 1965 it came to light another girl Stephanie Maria Elizabeth.

becoming prince's wife, Grace, like a true princess, began to lead an active social life and participate in charity events.She dressed in well-known fashion houses Dior, Givenchy.At the haute couture things she often wore the usual things (T-shirts, pants, capri pants, loafers flat shoes, shorts and safari dress shirts) and outputs them to the people.Her signature style considered white gloves, pearls and scarves Hermes.

Grace Kelly: The Story of a Princess

As for his personal life, soon after the wedding, the princess realized that her prince is not so perfect as it seemed before the marriage, he quick-tempered, jealous and did not seem to love her.It is for all humiliated his wife, criticized her, cheated, and all because in the world, and in the kingdom of Monaco, it enjoyed much greater popularity than himself.As you know, men like bright women, but these are not overshadowed by themselves.Grace was certainly a bright woman who largely exceeded her husband, Rainier and knew that divorce Grace does not work, because the marriage was very beneficial for his country, although his Razor suffered greatly, and in retaliation, he brings pain Grace.

Grace at first tolerated the antics of her husband, tried to take an active charity work and raising children.For 40 years Grace start to gain weight, then began to make itself young lovers.Since her husband forbade his wife to appear in films and participate in theatrical productions, Grace decided to create their own theater in Monaco, which would have played the best actors in Europe.She began to participate in the European literary festivals and read verses from the price.Kelly and Rainier were living under the same roof, they knew about the adventures of each other, but nevertheless, the end of life was maintained friendly relations.

In mid-September 1982 Grace Patricia Kelly, Her Serene Highness, Princess Monaco died during a walk she had a stroke and her car at high speed fell into the abyss.

interesting is the fact that even during her film career, during the filming of the movie "To Catch a Thief" was staged car crash involving Kelly, is on the stretch of highway where Grace later gets into a real accident.

Grace's funeral was attended by the entire European elite.After the death of Prince Rainier she is no longer married, and Grace became a true legend, which all admired and tried to emulate her style.The life story of Grace Kelly is a Cinderella story.Many girls dream of such a life, but as practice shows, the real princes do not always correspond to their status, and the status of the princess does not always bring happiness.

Grace Kelly: The Story of a Princess

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