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Openwork crochet tablecloth

  • Yarn, knitting mercerized "Narcissus" 100 g / 395 m
  • hook № 1,9

size and shape of the product may be different.Our delicate cloth, a small and very pretty.

openwork crochet tablecloth - step by step instructions

  1. Home

    draw attention to the scheme №1.

    It shows the first stage of the work.The most complicated element - a 4 column 2 nakida, knit together.They are knitted in one loop of the previous row.Each bar dovyazyvaetsya not until the end, but when you will be on the hook 5 sts (one working thread and 4 sts from 4 st.), Pick up a working thread and stretch it through the loop on the hook.

    Note: those columns with 2 nakida that provyazyvayutsya in the center, it is advisable not knit into the loop of the previous row, and grasping the entire working range of the previous thread.In this case, you will be more accurate picture, but do not forget to follow the order of knitting.

  2. central part.

    central part of the tablecloth is a 3-lozenges.They are knitted one after another.No nee

    d to break off the thread.How to link them, shown in the diagram №1.

  3. Knit edge.After

    Center tablecloths connected, proceed to trim the edges.Tying can be a beautiful design tablecloths, consisting of 2-3 rows, and can be an indispensable pattern.In this tablecloth tying a large part of the tablecloth.

    starts tying a repetition of elements of the central part of the diamond.And only at the corners formed a beautiful pattern.All this is well illustrated in the diagram №2.

Tip: carefully consider the amount of related items.One mistake can ruin the entire article.

Note: the first 7 rows of petals form a binding pattern.1 - 4 series of increasing the number of loops, 5 - 7 to reduce their number.

last 2 series - the final design of this beautiful tablecloth.

In the last number of complex element 9 - Article 5.2 nakida, knit together.Good process can be seen in the video below.

Scheme №2 shows the place where you want to add to or diminish the loop.

Our openwork crochet tablecloth ready.

Note: ubavka loops at the junction of three lozenges.But if this place does not reduce the number of loops and go on mating small triangle, you get the original, embossed cloth.

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