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Summer Crochet Boots

  • Hooks Knitting №1 and №2
  • Yarn "Pekhorka" (children's series) - 150 g, dense thread c / b - 20 g (suitable thread for embroidery "Molyneux»)
  • scissors, awl, sartorial meter
  • thin fishing line № 3,5 - 2,5 m
  • Sole (can be used on new or staryhbosonozhek suitable to you in size), the insole (the same size)
  • Glue "Moment", the alcohol (or solvent)

We knit summer boots size 38, with the height of the tops of 18 cm, 26 cm girth.

Note: To qualify boots were really comfortable summer shoes, not just knitted souvenir, you need to carefully choose the soleand note that in the process of tying it will decrease by about 1 size.

openwork crochet boots - step by step instructions

  1. Along the perimeter of the sole buduschihsapozhekprokalyvaem awl holes at a distance from each other by about 0.8 cm. Making a puncture from the center to the sides.
    Tip: for his knitted summer shoes, choose rather soft soles: polypropylene or rubber - it will facilitate tying the soles of boots (see video).

    Video: tying hook soles summer boots

  2. Using hook №2 and dense x / w thread, connected to the line, tied sole, focusing on video and photo.Vpredstavlennom letnihsapozhekpoluchilas form a chain of 64 loops.Then do another 6 laps tying stolbikamisnakidom soles.

  3. After we have received the "rim" height of about 1.5 cm, go to vyvyazyvaniyu "toe" and "heel."Further, we do not use the line.

    is important if we want our knitted footwear in the future was functional, it is necessary to strengthen and protect its protruding parts, so at this point we tied hook №1 sock and a heel portion.
  4. Sock: raise loops and knit 20 rows even - bar snakidom, odd rows - beznakida column.In the 9th row lift the sides of the main knitting socks for 10 loops, provyazyvaem is now 40 to 12 series of loops and finish.

  5. Heel: lift in the back of our future summer boots 20 loops and knit 6 rows of columns snakidom.After 3 ryadaprovyazyvaemuzhe 10 stitches and 12 series finish, provyazyvaya number of columns without nakida.
    Tip: when vyvyazyvanii heels, try more often to try boots.It is important that the heel fit your anatomy - then get the most comfortable shoes.So how do you make knitted summer boots with his own hands - you have the ability to adjust all the nuances.
  6. At this stage, we get a "shoe" with a closed heel and toe.Now vyvyazyvayut top front.Gaining crochet №2 chain of air loops that connect the inner and outer part of the shoe.It is about 30 loops.Knit pattern as shown in the video.In a series of 1- 2 -3 repeating pattern 5 times, then pattern gradually decreases by 1 element.Provyazyvaya extreme loop while raising loop laterally shoes.At the same stage with the help of glue "Moment" glue the insole.

    Video: vyvyazyvanie pattern

  7. connects the front portion of the rear: the outside of the shoes we collect a chain of 16 stitches, from the outside - from the6 petel.Provyazyvaem tracery of a viscous circle.

  8. Now we have boots.The main work on knitting summer boots almost finished.Next, knit tops around to the desired height.

we've got here is such a wonderful summer boots, crocheted.The circuit pattern is quite simple, and the color scheme you can choose at will.Nothing complicated in the process is not the main thing - your desire and imagination!