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Diet of Hope Babkin

so-called "banana diet" recommended by the singer Nadezhda Babkin it believes fits all, who wants to quickly get rid of a couple of extra kilos.Well this diet for people with intestinal problems.For people suffering from edema, this diet will also be fruitful.Professionals say that bananas help upgrade epithelium, help mucus that protects the inner walls of the stomach.

Plus "banana diet" is its beneficial influence on the internal organs: increased metabolism, normal bowel function, improved skin appearance.

Potassium, which is found in bananas, helps to eliminate toxins from the body.Bananas have a laxative and diuretic effect due to their content of potassium.

Diet Babkin: options.

Hope Babkin in his arsenal of healthy eating weight loss has two options on bananas.The first option is for three or four days.Throughout the day a person consumes 3 bananas and drink three glasses of milk low fat, spreading evenly over the whole day eating food, crushing them in the use of several techniques.As an o

ption, you can not use milk, yogurt and one percent.Menu can diversify by adding banana neck, mixing a banana in a blender with yogurt or milk.Expected effect of diet - a loss of about 3 kg of excess weight.

second option.It assumes a light diet, but no less effective.Diet is designed for 3 to 7 days.During the day, you can eat up to half kilo of peeled bananas.Eating at any time when there appetite.Drinks - unsweetened green tea, is not limited to the amount of alcohol consumed.Weight loss during this diet will make up to one kilogram of weight per day.

allowed for a week to eat 2 eggs (to make up for the deficit of protein in the body, because the protein in bananas contained in a small amount).

Preparing for a diet.

Before you start "banana diet", it makes sense to pre-prepare the body for the preparatory test day.On this day, eliminate from the diet of fried, smoked, salty, sweet and fatty.Drinks - mineral water without gas and / or green tea.

Maybe Hope Babkin diet will seem quite complicated, because not every person can not eat one banana a day.You can try to organize a first discharge "banana day."Occupation at least useful.

Prepare two or three banana and 3 tbsp.milk a day.Share products on several stages.Such fasting days is not worth spending more than once or twice a week.

Choice for bananas diet.

is important to choose the right diet for bananas Hope Babkin.On this depends the success of the event.Pick bananas medium length, yellow with a thin rind.Eat bananas, preliminary carefully peel, removing the white thread.Eat only soft banana pulp.Unripe bananas green color are not suitable for food, because in such bananas contains the human body does not digest the insoluble starch, which can give rise to problems with the intestines.Contribute ripening of bananas can be wrapped them in paper and put it in a dark place.After a while they will be suitable for the diet.Not suitable for weight loss and dried bananas.Calories of dried bananas above 5 times.


Consulting dietitian required persons wishing to try the banana diet, but have kidney disease, liver and biliary tract, stomach ulcer sufferers, people with obesity, diabetes and impaired circulation.Experts will give specific advice for you, and it is possible that recommend to refrain from such a diet.

dumped kgs - a worthy reward for the patient and consistent application of the diet.Save weight loss at the end of the diet will continue to abstain from fat, sweet uncontrollably.The lost weight back to the fans of culinary delights.

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